Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Party Music

Okay, the links work, but the download time is slow. It's worth it though, especially for the Chromeo track.

You know what the 80's weren't? Electroclash. Just thought I'd put that out there.

Now ESG were this group of four enterprising sisters from the bronx who started a post punk/funk band with a knack for amazing bass lines, pop hooks, perfectly executed drums and autistic lyrics. The bulk of their output was released from 1980-1983, and is best represented by the compilation "a south bronx story" out on soul jazz records, or if you can find an original "come away with ESG" released on the now defunkt "99 records" (sunk by a lawsuit brought about by 99 records artist "liquid liquid" against grandmaster flash) This track, "party music" by ESG, was recorded in 1988, rather late in the game (although they recorded another full length in 2002), and is currently out on a split 12" (more GDM vol. 5) with freddie mas on tigersushi records. I may post freddie's track later on if anybody wants it.

Also, chromeo, a group from montreal released an album earlier this year called "she'z in control" (out on tiga's "turbo records" in canada, and on Vice records in the states) and it is one of the best things I've heard all year. Here is the title track She'z In Control. If anything, of all the retro 80's theme mining bands have done in recent years, this hits the honest nail on the head. And it's a fun song to boot.



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