Tuesday, December 20, 2005

big updates on the radio page=lots of downloads

I have left this page to focus on my radio show more. If you want to stay informed please visit http://www.radiozero.ca from now on.

here's what's over there:

Click here to download: friday, december 16, 2005 mp3, 79 minutes. I re-did this at home to get real high quality sound so you can put it on a cd if you like. This show was 100% vinyl though.

Artist, Title, Song, Format,

shout out out out out, nobody calls me 12", nobody calls me unless they want something, LP,
gaz nevada, confuzed disco #2, I.C. love affair (munk rmx), LP,
grand national, talk amongst yourselves, sasha remix, LP,
clor, good stuff, dangerzone (acid workout), 7",
who made who, s/t, hello empty room, LP,
black future, nao wave revisited, eu sou o rio (munk rmx), LP,
answering service, confuzed disco #2, call me mr telephone (lindstrom + prins thomas rmx), LP,
hk 119, PMU, pick me up (dean honer rmx), LP,
dandi wind, break the bone and suck the marrow from it, safety dance, LP,
sirius mo, berlin disco hooligans, berlin, LP,
tocotronic, gegen den strich, aber hier leben, nein danke (Das Bierbeben Rmx), LP,
dandi wind, break the bone and suck the marrow from it, baloon factory, LP,
death from above 1979, romantic rights, erol alkan's "love from below" re-edit, LP,
vitalic, no fun, repair machines (disco edit), LP,
chromeo, needy girl, paper faces dub, LP,
the presets, girl and the sea, captain comatose rmx, LP,

December 09, 2005

Click here to download

I left my notes at home for this one so there's a lot of me not knowing what I'm talking about. Oh well, Vive la College Radio!

Artist, Title, Song, Format,

was not was, garage sale, man vs the empire state building, LP,
agentss, nao wave revisited, agentss (slowdance remix by the glimmers), LP,
confusional quartet, confuzed disco (sampler 1), guerra in africa (scuola furano remix), LP,
shout out out out out, nobody calls me, tiiired, LP,
gang 90, sexual life of the savages, jack kerouac, LP, tr
DNA, new york noise, 5:30, LP,
pere ubu, the modern dance, non alignment pact, LP,
Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures, Disorder, LP,
au pairs, playing with a different sex, set-up, LP,
gang of four, special edition 12", it's her factory, LP,
maximum joy, unlimited (1979-1983), in the air, LP,
hall and oates, post static, no brain no pain, LP,
colder, heat, losing myself, LP,
new order, blue monday, the beach, LP,
chromeo, needy girl 12", bloc party remix, LP,
cut copy, going nowhere, digitalism remix, LP,
digitalism, kitsune maison, zdarlight, LP,
tom vek, nothing but green lights, digitalism remix, LP,

December 02, 2005

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Artist, Title, Song, Format,

ron rogers, mutant disco vol. 3, yaya, LP,
gaz nevada, cunfused disco sampler, special agent man (morgan geist "sleeping on the moon" mix), LP,
sebastian tellier, la ritournelle, jake bullit mix, LP,
spyder d, smerphies dance, smerphies dance, LP,
lcd soundsystem, tribulations (2xwhite labels), lindstrom mix, LP,
wide boy awake, split maxi 12", slang teacher, LP,
skatt brothers, dark side of disco vol. 2, walk the night, LP,
the jets, chromeo's "un joli mix pour toi", rocket 2 U, LP,
Q, dark side of disco vol. 2, the voice of Q, LP,
T. Ski Valley, valley style, valley style dub mix, LP,
hot chip, barbarian, no fit state, LP,
the presets, beams, I go hard I go home, CD,
cut copy, saturdays, headman mix, LP,
chromeo, me and my man, fly whitey mix, LP,
yukari rotten, break, headman remix, LP,
dSico, danced enough 12", I've danced enough, LP,
who made who, s/t, shake your boat, LP,

November 25, 2005

Click here to download (80 minutes, 78Mb, mp3)

Well, despite some miss-cues (most notably dropping Tolcha's "street vibes" about a minute too late after annie's "always too late"- HA, how's that) and some shaky recording problems here it is! Thanks for tuning in.

Artist, Title, Song, Format,

architecture in helsinki, do the whirlwind, hot chip remix, 7",
the presets, girl and the sea, cut copy remix, LP,
annie, always too late, joakim dub mix, LP,
tolcha vs le hammond inferno, berlin disco hooligans, street vibes, LP,
elektrik funk, chromeo's "un joli mix", on a journey, LP,
hot chip, barbarian, over and over, LP,
waves, rollom records bootleg 12", cruel, LP,
split enz, six months in a leaky boat, long version, 7",
new young pony club, the get go , the get go, 7",
talking heads, the dark side of disco, crosseyed and painless, LP,
sexual harassment, anti NY, if I gave you a party, LP,
maximum joy, unlimited (1979-1983), white and green place, LP,
a thousand points of night, mutant disco volume 3, read my lips, LP,
calloway, chromeo's "un joli mix...", I wanna be rich, LP,
clor, good stuff, good stuff, 7",
death from above 1979, romantic rights, dahlback remix, LP,
hot chip, barbarian, my shit's on fire, LP,
suicide, mutant disco volume 3, dream baby dream, LP,

playlist for friday, october 28, 2005

click here to download
Artist, Title, Song, Format,

the presets, beams, are you the one, CD,
bob seger, beverly hills cop 2 soundtrack, shakedown, LP,
sexual harassment, anti ny comp, if I gave you a party, LP,
spandu ballet, diamond, chant no 1, LP,
pointer sisters, break out, automatic, LP,
T ski valley, valley style, valley style, LP,
seelenluft, manila, headman rmx, LP,
new radicals, you get what you give, radio slave remix, LP, true,
hall and oates, out of touch 12", out of touch, LP,
dharma, I-Robots, plastic doll, LP,
bumblebee unlimited, Lady bug 12', lady bug, LP,
spyder d, smerphies dance, smerphies dance, LP,
the knife, heartbeats, heartbeats, LP,
split enz, I got you, I got you, 7",
squeeze, another nail in my heart, another nail in my heart, 7",
orange juice, rip it up, rip it up, 7",
psychadelic furs, forever now, love my way, LP,
the cure, boys don't cry, 10:15 saturday night, LP,
mystery jets, you can't fool me dennis, justice remix, 7",

Playlist for friday, october 21, 2005
click here to download

Big sloppy mix. Yeah

Artist, Title, Song, Format,

Spyder D vs. Princess Superstar, fedchuk's live mix, smerphies dance (pefect accapella),
sirius mo, berlin disco hooligans, mailbox, LP,
the presets, girl and the sea, goodwill edit, LP,
sebastian tellier, la ritournelle, metronomy mix, LP,
mainline, black honey, who made who remix, LP,
who made who, s/t lp, monkeys, LP,
LCD Soundsystem, s/t, on repeat, LP,
white rose movement, love is a number, black strobe remix, LP,
rockwell, lp, sombodies watching me (live butchered rock remix),
grand national, playing in the distance, glimmers remix, LP,
vhs or beta, night on fire, tommie sunshine's brooklyn fire remix, LP,
manhead, 12", birth school work death, LP,
delta 5, try, try, 7",
grauzone, eisbar, eisbar, 7",
marco dos santos (feat zita lotis), kitsune maison, not on the guest list, LP,
wings, goodnight tonight, paul mccartney extended mix, LP,
mystery jets, you can't fool me dennis, you can't fool me dennis, 7",
duchess says, budgie laboratories, in serial, CD,

Saturday, November 12, 2005

absent, back with a new mixtape and record label! turn it up!

Hey hey hey

Yeah, I've been absent from this blog forever, as usual. I have been busy however. I just concentrate on doing a good radio program every friday (radiozero.ca) and I started a record label called gang of youth, and made a new live mix available on that website, but I'll post it here as well:

Bush League Sessions: Volume 2 mp3, 67 minutes, 77mb.

here's the playlist for the mix:

sebastian tellier - la ritournelle (metronomy mix) (12")
the presets - girl and the sea (goodwill edit) (12")
sirius mo - mailbox (12")
mainline - black honey (who made who mix) (12")
who made who - monkeys (12"LP)
delta 5 - try (7")
giorgio moroder - night drive (7")
grand national - playing in the distance (glimmers mix) (12")
vhs or beta - night on fire (tommie sunshine mix) (12")
manhead - birth, school, work, death (12")
grauzone - eisbar (7")
marco dos santos - not on the guest list (12"LP)
wings - goodnight tonight (mccartney's extended mix) (12")
dsico - i've danced enough (12")
white rose movement - love is a number (12")
devo - gates of steel (12"LP)
boogeRS - strikes (mp3)

The dSico track is off the first 12" available from gang of youth. It's limited to 500 copies, and comes in a numbered, hand silkscreened sleeve. You can order it from this shop here:

The next 12" we'll be putting out is for france's boogeRS!!! It's gonna be dope.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Buy or Cry"

New Young Pony Club - Jerk Me: This is an ace punk-funk jam in the spirit of ESG/Bush Tetras/Material, working some wonderfully sleazy guitar licks worthy of a Marc Bolan reference. And although I might think the NYPC is strongly influenced by certain artists from certain eras, they continually surpass those influences to produce very modern songs that are (so far) nothing short of bulletproof.
I wonder if the NYPC will continue to release only 7inch singles, or if they will work towards an album? I kind of hope for the former, preferring the current mysteriously exclusive access to their music through the small vinyl format. But maybe that's just me being selfish...
Click here to buy this 7 inch from Picadilly records while you still can. I honestly can't believe there's any left.

The Hot Springs - CacoDisco: I first fell in love with song when I found it on a Montreal Pop Sampler earlier this year up at the radio station. It became a staple of my show until the station started getting renovated and I couldn't find that particular pop sampler. Fairly frustrating, but whatever. Recently I was reminded of this song while I was re-logging my old playlists and I decided to check the old WWW for some news on the Hot Springs. They have an album out now and are planning to do lots of shows in the fall. Lucky for you if you live around the Montreal area.
Click here to buy the Hot Springs CD from Insound.
http://www.the-hot-springs.com/ - It's the official website!

Furthermore, about Montreal... On August 25-28 there will be a fundraiser for War Child at the Parc de Amerique with live painting and such, maybe music, some afterparty stuff. Not too clear really based on the intelligence I have received so far. Here's the original transpondence from my man in the field, Russ Morland, who will be in the fundraiser doing some paintings:

"Ok so the dates for Art in the park are august 25-28 @
Parc de amerique.
The event is a fundraiser for War Child, with after
parties and such. I guess they are sending the English
there to bail them out yet again, dig the trenches,
paint us up a real bullying of conflict, down with the Hun!
Oh... wait that was something else. So like yeah I'll be
there so it so it should get boozy.



Friday, August 05, 2005

the chromeo update.

please note that in my original chromeo post I was all wrong. Chromeo is coming EXCLUSIVELY to Vancouver on THURSDAY, August 18th (not friday as previously mentioned) at Celebrities, no other stops are planned. tix are $12 at scratch, zulu, highlife. Don't forget to scroll down this page to download the chromeo mix.

Cut Copy to tour North America, with Franz Ferdinand

Cut Copy - Radio 1 Mix (45 minutes, mp3): If you've been following this page, or my radio program for the past year and a half you'd know that Cut Copy is probably my favorite thing to play on any occasion. Now they're coming to a North American town near you! This is a mix Cut Copy put together for a bbc radio 1 show while they were touring the UK with Mylo. I don't know the whole tacklisting, but you got some Fleetwood Mac, daft punk, good measure of cut copy, soulwax, chikinki, the stills, franz ferdinand, chromeo, etc. Not only are they touring and playing live rock shows, but they'll be DJing the afterparties. Isn't that lovely. Here's the dates:

with Franz Ferdinand & TV On The Radio
Tue 20 Chicago - Aragon Ballroom
Wed 21 Minneapolis- Target Center - US Bank Theatre
Thur 22 KC, MO - Uptown Theatre
Fri 23 St. Louis - The Pageant
Tue 27 Denver - Fillmore Auditorium
Wed 28 SLC (Magna, UT) - Great Salt Air

Sat 1 Seattle - Paramount Theatre
Sun 2 Seattle - Paramount Theatre
Mon 3 Portland - Rose Garden Arena
Tue 4 Vancouver, BC - Orpheum ***
Thu 6 SF - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Fri 7 LA - Greek Theatre
Sat 8 LA - Greek Theatre -
Sun 9 San Diego - SDSU Open Air theatre
Tue 11 Las Vegas - The Joint
Mon 17 NYC - The Theater at Madison Square Garden
Tue 18 Toronto - Ricoh Centre

***If you live in vancouver I can tell you they'll be DJing the afterparty at celebrities on Davie street. Better be there.

http://www.modularpeople.com is the excellent australian label Cut Copy is on. Along with the presets, chromeo, colder, wolf mother... And if you sign up for their wonderful newsletter you would get access to mixes like this one and videos and contests and all sorts of other fantastic stuff... Way before I'd post it here.
Click here to buy all kinds of cut copy swag off Juno.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Chromeo tour, Bloc Party remix Needy Girl

Chromeo - 40 minute Mix: A tight sleazy/cheezy/80's electro funk mix detailing Chromeo's true roots. I don't know what the tracklisting is on this mix, but I do know there's some heavy flow on the octagon drums throughout. If you like what you hear, chromeo is once again on tour (not really they're just playing Vancouver. HA!), check the date:

Thursday, August 18, 2005
Vancouver, BC, @ Celebrities

in the mean time...
Chromeo - Needy Girl (Bloc Party remix): If Needy Girl wasn't hot enough, Russell Lissack of the Bloc Party reassembled a nice throwback to New Order's Blue Monday, along with added rythm guitar, synths and a more rock oriented bassline. I kinda wished the guitar riff at the end of the first chorus would have carried on through the song, or a least came back for seconds, but whatever. The big sweeping synths at the end keep things moving and this is certainly a refreshing visit to one of my favorite songs.

http://www.chromeo.net the official website
Click here for Vice's page on chromeo.
click here for australia's modularpeople site on chromeo.
Click here to buy some Chromeo 12's from beatstreet.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This next ones for the graphic designers

Shirokuma - Moonlight In The Afternoon: I don't know what took me (or anyone else for that matter) so long to post this song. Originally released on a 10" back in 2003, this big warm slice of electropop was reissued on a double 10" (weirdest format yet, I think. Still waitin on a split 10" from somebody to take the crown though) earlier this year with remixes by Andy Votel and Max Tundra.
On the back of the record sleeve the song is cleverly spelled out on a pink and white checkerboard. With the japanese woman's alphabet interpolation "A...B...C...D..." spelled out on the Pink squares next to Mark Corrin's corresponding verses on the white squares. You'll notice that for each letter, the verse that follows corresponds alphabetically "A - city Arches in the sun as we hurry past," "E - Eating heat in the pink of a hotel bed," "L- Laserprints on our skin at the waterfall," and this goes on through the whole alphabet. This sleeve is almost as fun to look at as this song is to listen to. Definately one of the most cleverly designed sleeves I have ever seen. Not to mention the quality of the vinyl pressing itself. It sounds really good. In fact, I'm finding that all the vinyl I get on 10" sounds better than anything else. I really should find out where these are all getting pressed. I'd post a picture of this one to illustrate the clever graphic design, but I don't have a digital camera or scanner. I'll try and borrow one later.
Click here to order this from Picadilly at a very reasonable price.
http://www.shirokuma.co.uk/ official website.

And if you liked that one you will definately like the Das Pop track chris at Uncritical has posted

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Your results are back from the lab.

Duchess Says - In Serial: This might be the best song I have posted yet (yeah I know, nevermind that Cribs thing, good song, but I was crazy to say "best song ever"). With In Serial I'm thinking Manga Studios circa 1985 teaming up with Italo-electro-disco pioneer and sountrack genius Giorgio Moroder to produce an Anime feature obsessed with the juxtaposition of contrast and homogenization, and it would have been called Black Moonbird. There'd be tons of crazy dangerous half-machine villians (with forward facing utillity style haircuts) trying to take over Tokyo and make everyone half-machine so they can work for the Evil Boss to create this giant robot that will move the moon into a position where it always eclipses the sun over Japan. The tide is always high and the sun no longer rises. Just this faint halo hovering to blot out the contrast between day and night, good and evil, life and work, man and machine.

Of course or hero, Ryudo Hawkwind (neurological scientist by day, motorcycle vigilante gang leader by night), will not accept this fate. And of course his girlfriend, Kagero (tired journalist by day, underground synth-rock diva by night), get's wrapped up in the boss' plans. Naturally, Ryudo has to save her and the world with his gang on their totally kitted out street bikes, sporting their fashionably futuristic sideways haircuts.

At the climax of the movie, just when the giant Black Moon robot is blasting off into space, Ryudo will expose the fact that he is a man-machine and he will sacrifice himself by boarding the robot to stop the Evil Boss' planned blackening of the sun. and just as the giant robot is pushing the moon into position slowly in front of the sun (Duchess Says' In Serial is expertly chosen to score the scene: Kagero crying safely on earth, the war is fighting fiercly in the streets. We see the sunlight dimming over the trees, faces going dark highlighting the terrified watering whites of their eyes, the melancholic synth solo of In Serial [@ the 2:53 mark] driving the point home), the robot explodes into a giant silent fireball, killing Ryudo while making obvious references to the Phoenix as the moon glides safely over the sun to resume it's natural orbit.

Click Here to visit the official site for Montreal synth rock sensation Duchess Says. Including real information and a healthy fascination with budgies and the flu. If you're crafty you can download two more mp3's from their site.