Thursday, June 24, 2004

Robot Down!

Mahjongg- Jamdek, you'll like it. It's got bleeps and beats and guitars and inaudible vocals and is danceable as hell and has fun written all over it. And although I wasn't going to post any more mahjongg stuff for a while, I was in a jam today so this seemed like the best idea. And they are so hot right now anyway, you'll thank me for it later I'm sure

In fact, since the old mahjongg link doesn't work I'll post it again where it will work "Mahjongg- Aluminum" And this song effing rules by the way. Classic punk style drums, minimalistic guitar assault, early 80's style electro breakdown in the middle, and hovering Julian Casablanca (strokes) style vocals. Just try to sit still while these chicago kids welcome you to "Chi-biza."

Both of these tracks were taken from their 2004 Machinegong release, available on both vinyl and CD in Vancouver From Redcat Records on Main Street, or Scratch Records on Richards. Or you can go to the label's website at: "Cold Crush Records" to find out where else in the world you can get the stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


damn, this is hot! thanks for the tip.


1:25 PM  
Blogger Jay Watts III said...


har har har.

5:54 AM  

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