Friday, June 25, 2004

Young and Sexy

This post's mp3's are down. email me if you're interested.

Their faces won't grace the cover of Elle, but it's the the words in their songs that are-- sexy as hell, oh come on.

Vancouver's Young and Sexy played a show at richards on richards two nights ago and I was late and I missed them. I suck. I hear they were fantastic and I think everyone should like them. so I will post two of their songs here today.

"Young and Sexy- Ella" This was the first song I heard by them, it is a brutally catchy, lush and mellow acoustic piece that immediately fell into rotation on my radio program.

"Young and Sexy- Young & Sexy" Brilliantly composed minimal orchestral indie pop. This song gets stuck in my head on wednesday evenings when I play soccer. I don't know why, but I don't mind either.

These recordings were taken from their "Life Through One Speaker" album, I recorded them from the vinyl onto my computer. You can even hear the tone arm lifting from the record at the end of "young and sexy." The sound quality here is a bit dodgy, but the original recording is great.

have a nice day!


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