Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Misinformation Station

Fuck Me USA: Infinite Slope- Now I know it's a cliche term, but I don't know what else to call this than one of the best examples of "disco-punk" I've ever heard. With it's super hot disco bass line it's like Saturday night fever vs. Mars, but so much hotter. Although the vocals in this mix are a bit more quiet than they should be this track definitely rocks the party. Unfortunately FMUSA ceased to exist as of December of 2003, right about the time I stumbled across their page on New Music Canada. And despite what that page leads you to believe, FMUSA are not a bunch of suckers with no intestinal fortitude who split because somebody wrote some bullshit rapture comparison on the wall at pat's pub. There were far more practical reasons for the split, like guitarist Jay Watts' move to Montreal to lend his ground level support to the Bloc Quebecois, drummer Brad McKinnon's move to Radio Berlin, vocal assassin Kayla Guthrie is busy, and bassist Dan Colussi, like so many bass players before him was forgotten, and left to pick up the pieces alone...

Fuck Me USA: Tan Thigh- According to FMUSA's guitar shreddin synth stabber Jay Watts, they have recorded a full length of material which is "really well-recorded, 40,000 times better than the mp3s off of our website." Maybe if everyone could all lend their support to this issue, Mr. watts will post the songs, or come up with some brilliant scheme to have the album released, and hopefullly before Soul Jazz sarcastically releases it twenty years from now.

Gold Kicks- Stop by to visit Jay Watts, and read his nice blog, and convince him to release the music.

Radio Berlin- maybe Brad McKinnon's not drumming in this band?

DV8- You can catch Kayla playing records here on wednesdays.

Fuck Me USA official web site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tyler- way to go on digging up FMUSA... I emailed Jay Watts, here's what he replied:
Hey Michael,
There might be a limited release of 1000 copies or something like
that coming out towards in August - but that's all dependent on
whether or not the members (myself included) are that excited about
doing it. I wouldn't mind having it released, but having it lost
forever in the sands of time seems somewhat appealing, too.

Take care!

I'd certainly buy one.

8:14 AM  
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