Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm sellin out. Suker punks.

Soldout - I don't Want to Have Sex With You (spankers rock remix)

Okay, This song's going to be posted for like five minutes. It's too rad to share with everyone. Seriously, it's an example of the modern formula for successful indie electro-rock (kinda like the New Young Pony Club): real drums rocking programmed style patterns, real bass guitar lines, real guitars, shit-hot arpegiated synth accents, and a disaffected female European vocalist claiming Viceland imagery with NO sex. None at all. Unlike the NYPC's "Ice Cream" that's melting in your Vice dream. Oh shit, I don't read Vice, I mean it's not cool to read vice. Seriously, I don't even know who Terry Richardson is. Uhhh, Throbbing Gristle is so rad.

Five minutes.

Click Here to buy the first 12" of the Soldout "I don't want to have Sex with you" single. This track is off the second single, but I think it's all sold out everywhere.

Click Here to visit soldout's label, Dirty Dancing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, mate! Guess you're just waiting for the first sign of (friendly) irritation. So here it is! Five minutes?! I'd have expected you'd have the decency to remove the tantalising entrance in its entirety. Better not to know it was there, then have it . . . there, bleeding unobtainable. I'd normally buy you a pint, but tonight you buy your own! But to be fair I have to add: excellent site :)

1:53 PM  
Blogger Tyler Fedchuk and Paul Devro said...

I did actually leave it up for about 8 hours, so If you were about in the morning you could've nabbed it. This song will be on my next two cd mix, which I'll post here when I have it done.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please understand it was really a compliment . . . but with a raised eye brow. Had me so curious, you know. Worst tease of that specific evening :) By the way, I live in Norway (no time sync). Take care!

10:33 AM  

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