Tuesday, February 15, 2005

it's not over...yet

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Time - artist, Song title

0:00 - Lola, Wax the Van
3:38 - Orange Juice, Rip it Up
7:17 - ESG, Tiny Sticks
10:17 - Bush Tetras, You Can't Be Funky
12:57 - Rockwell, Somebody's Watching Me
15:26 - Charlie, Spacer Woman
18:17 - Black Devil, Timing, Forget the Timing
20:12 - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Scorpio
24:47 - David Bowie, Queen Bitch
27:51 - WhoMadeWho, satisfaction (note my abuse of the pitch control near the beginning of this one, it's embarassing)
31:22 - New Young Pony Club, Tight Fit
34:56 - Performance, Love Life
37:56 - Bloc party, Banquet
41:02 - Smash TV, Queen of Man
46:07 - Fox & Wolf, Youth Alcoholic (click here for fox & wolf's official site)
49:11 - MIA, White Label, 10 Dollar
52:49 - LCD Soundsystem, Disco Infiltrator
57:12 - New Young Pony Club, Ice Cream

This is just a mockup mix that I threw together without much thought. I had to throw something up on my website though. I am working on a two disc mix that will be really good I think. Hope you enjoy this one, cause it is pretty fun.

Also I have moved on from this website to http://www.radiozero.ca. This is why I had abandoned this page for so long, so I am sorry to the people who read this page and wondered what happened. I was getting a website made by this company, then they took forever to do it so last week I started working on it myself. html/php is a pain in the ass.



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