Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Moving Units

"Live from Pompei! It's the Moving Units!" At least that's what it seemed like as they rounded off their set last night at Richards on Richards, here in Vancouver. Their performance caught me completely off guard, I saw them about two months ago here and it was a pretty cut and dry rock show - a solid set of three and a half minute numbers, the kids were dancing, band finishes, drinks beer.

Not so last night. To begin with, their lighting was perfect, just a couple of flourescent tubes on the floor made the band look like they were jamming at the Korova Milk Bar. The songs were longer and although the rythym section kept me moving along, near the end of the show their performance spun into a psychadelic meltdown and they played a fifteen minute version of "Emancipation". Okay, maybe ten minute. Whatever, the Moving Units performance was rad and the "secret machines" were completely out of place headlining this show, let alone being on the same bill.

Moving Units - X and Y: This is how the show should have continued after the psychadelics. Seriously, everyone was so bummed the performance was over. This is an older release I recorded off the bubble gum pink vinyl "12 inches EP".

Click Here to buy the Moving Units latest LP, Dangerous Dreams.


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