Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ethical Wrestler

With the fantastic plethora of wonderful mp3 blogs posting an unending supply of good new music I don't even know what to post anymore. It's all been done. Like am I going to post the alan braxe remix of heartbeat? I think I'll let the club dj's play that for you first. The Buzzcocks? When in Rome? Weird long electro tracks by Lindstrom? I can't think of anything to post today that would make any sense. So I'll round-up all my latest favorite posts by other bloggers.

The New Black has posted an amazing cover by Vitaminsforyou, of the Arcade Fire's "No Cars Go." I think the new black review is just about right.

The Swish Blog has posted an infectious example of unfinished indie scales called Another Number by The Cribs. The Theme from Chalets is pretty good as well.

Uncritical, always one of my favorites, has posted two great songs in his Wednesday, March 30th post. The Moneybrother song (they're building walls around us) is incredibly poppy and catchy and reminiscent of "crappy late eighties tv shows" (what's wrong with that?). The Boogers track is totally different and totally fun. Thanks for all the great posts Chris!

the SpoiltVictorianChild is consistently posting good fresh music, another regular favorite of mine for sure. About a month ago he posted The New Sound by The Capricorns in this post. I still really can't get enough of these "dracula synths." There's also a post for swedish synth pop girl Compute.

I promise to have something real juicy for all y'all by next wednesday. These sites ought to keep you busy for now though.


Anonymous david25 said...

oo oo the electro, the electro. *adjusts mullet*

10:04 AM  
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