Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Japanese Pop!

Ego Wrappin - Track Scorcher: This song is so much fun I can't even believe it. It's like they are at the international departures gate and they are going somewhere fresh. And since it's in Japanese, Ego Wrappin could be singing about dead birds for all I know, but I doubt it cause dead birds aren't this much fun. By the way, the track gets scorched at the 1:20 mark by an amazing wall of reverbed guitars.

Click Here to visit Ego-Wrappin's official site.

Click Here to buy this record off Juno.

Yukari Rotten - Break: I was so worried I would never get this record by the way Picadilly Records was talking about it, but I totally fluked out and found it on Jet Set Records. Now I have it and so do you. Yukari Rotten is Yukari Fresh, although I don't know what the distinction is between the two monikers. This song is the first single off her newest album called Me, this 12" also features remixes by Headman and Chicks On Speed.

Click here to buy this record off Jet Set Recordings

Click Here for an older discography of Yukari Fresh singles and compilation appearances.

Click Here to visit Escalator Records, the label Yukari Fresh is on. This site is especially good when viewed by Japanese speaking people.

Click Here to visit JetSet Records page of recommended J-Pop, the page where I found both the Yukari Rotten and Ego-Wrapppin singles.


Blogger StopBeingCarbon said...

Wow! That Ego Wrappin track is awesome. I'll definitely be on the lookout for their stuff.

Oh, and it's good to see you posting again. I've already added you. Cheers.


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