Thursday, March 24, 2005

France Wins 2-0

Bang Bang - Shoot the Model (teen remix): 11 months ago I heard Alan Braxe and Fred Falke's song Rubicon and I declared! it would be the number one summer jam of 2004. I live in Vancouver so Rubicon never really blew up the spot, unless the spot happened to be my living room. I know rubicon took off in other cities, and for all the right reasons - Campy disco beat and an awesome solo played on a cheap guitar. This version of Shoot the Model has all the elements for being the number one summer jam of 2005 (except it was released as a single 12 months ago in Europe, but whatever North America's supposed to be late). We have the standard new rock/house beat, real bass, and a hotter-than-sunburn guitar riff for a chorus. This guitar is the most amazing thing I have heard all year. Much like the Alan Braxe and Fred Falke track in question earlier, the chorus guitar sounds like one of those starter kit electric guitars with the speaker built into the body, like the one in Bart Simpson's closet. And somehow this cheap-ass guitar tone makes me want to strike the most intense hi-top crushing air-guitar pose and rock an extreme overbite. How can French people get away with this?
Click here to buy this single from Juno
Click here to buy the Bang Bang full length CD.
Click here to visit the label, Yellow.


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