Friday, March 11, 2005

Who's In Control?

Hot Chip - No More Master: Hot Chip's debut album "Coming On Strong" was really fantastic. It blew me away to be honest. It was this campy/sincere bedroom electrofunk album unsure of it's place in the world, and you know Alexis Taylor sang all those lyrics in front of a full length mirror. Now we have the new Hot Chip and it's shit hot. The boys have grown up some, stepped away from the mirror assuming control of the listener and given us an intelligently ridiculous and wonderful song. I wonder if this is an indication of their next full length.
Click here to visit the official Hot Chip website.

Fannypack - You Gotta Know: Here's the thing. About a year ago this guy gave me Grandia for the playstation one and told me I had to finish it. It is hands down the most annoying video game ever created. Non stop repetition of you killing birds, snakes and scorpions in the desert for 100 hours just so you can get strong enough to beat this lame boss. It's insane. I brought my playstation out of the closet to finish this game, lost two weeks of my life, put the playsyation back in the box and refiled it back in the closet. Now about a month or so ago I bought an RPG for my computer called Neverwinter Nights because I thought it would keep me inside, installed it and played it for a couple of days, went out and got drunk then forgot about it. I'm not really into video games, though sometimes I think I can be. This week my internet went down cause the modem broke or something so I couldn't post to this page or do any web related work. I decide to play Neverwinter Nights and it ruins my whole week. I lost my identity in the real world and had a hard time going outside. I listened to this record over and over without even realizing it while I battled this stupid video game and anytime I peeled myself away from it, this "you've got to know" hook was in my head. Yesterday night the internet works again so I put on this Kitsune X record minus the RPG thank god, and beheld the magic that is fannypack.
Click here to visit the official Fannypack website.
Click here to buy the Kitsune X compilation (both these tracks come off it) from Juno, or here to get it from piccadilly records.
Click here to visit the Kitsune website. This is a highly advanced website viewed best with a very powerful computer.


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hey tyler, the hot chip track is a gem. hott sttuff!

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