Thursday, July 14, 2005

Shit = Updated

Just The Claps.mp3, (78minutes, 89mb)


Time - Artist/Song Title/Album/Format

0:00 - LO-FI FNK/Wake Up/Change Channel/7"
3:39 - Annie/Me Plus One/Anniemal/12" 2xLP
7:00 - MIA/Sunshowers/Sunshowers/12"
10:09 - Hard-Fi/Better dub Better/hard to beat/7"
14:47 - Sexual Harassment/If I gave you a Party/Anti-NY Comp/12" 2xLP
19:18 - Colder/Wrong Baby/Wrong Baby/7"
23:23 - Fox n'Wolf/Youth Alcoholic/Youth Alcoholic/12"
26:22 - New Young Pony Club/The Get Go/Get Go/7"
30:29 - The Glass/Fourteen Again/Fourteen again EP/12"
34:00 - Supersystem/Born Into the World/Always Never Again/12"LP
38:24 - Manhead/Birth, School, Work, Death/Birth, School, Work, Death/12"
43:03 - Cut Copy/Saturdays/Saturdays/12"
46:24 - VHS or BETA/night on fire (cut copy remix)/night on fire/12"
51:48 - Boys of Scandinavia/Worse than a girl/Split with Roger/7"
55:35 - dSico/I've danced enough/you fight like a girl/CD
59:33 - Daft Punk/Technologic (basement jaxx kontrol mixx)/technologic/12"
64:08 - dSico/rescue/you fight like a girl/CD
68:34 - Who Made Who/happy girl (alternative version)/happy girl/12"
73:16 - Dieter Schmidt/Morse Code Fromm the Cold War/Kitsune X/12" 2xLP

Here's some info on all the songs:

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Wake Up: These two swedish kids started their band in high school back in 2001. I was a big fan of last years Unighted single. Now this track is the b-side of their Change Channel 7-inch put out on moshi moshi records, which was incidentally released in England on June 6th, the Swedish National Day. Look out for their upcoming full length, and as well as one track on Kitsune's next upcoming compilation.
Lo-Fi-Fnk official website
Click here to buy this from piccadilly records.

Annie - Me Plus One: Finally out in North America care of Vice Recordings. I hope vice issues the same wonderful gatefold sleeve double vinyl that came out on 679 back in january.

MIA - Sunshowers This is an older track, I know. Whatever, it's good.
Official site of MIA

Hard-Fi - Better Dub Better: What constitutes "limited edition?" This bright yellow 7-inch is apparently a limited edition, of which I have number 2687. Seriously. So there's at least 3000 of these little yellow records? Sounds exclusive...
Anyway I am a sucker for dubs, and b-sides, especially dub rock on b-sides of limited edition yellow 7's! (am I the little brother of Art Brut?) This track is the Gran Tourismo dub remix of "Better do Better" which is the b-side of the Hard to Beat single, which will be on their recent full length "Stars of CCTV." NIce cover art for this single, "I love you Tina".
Hard-Fi official site
Click here to buy off Piccadilly Records.

Sexual Harassment - If I Gave You A Party: Originally released on Heat records back in 1983, Gomma Records (Munk, Who Made Who, Leeroy Hanghofer, headman, rammelzee...etc) reissued this track on their 2001 Anti-NY compilation. Brilliant track, thanks to Neil Frost at Beatstreet Records for pointing this one out to me, cause I think I am so rad and wouldn't listen to anything that was released more than a year ago. I am working this out.
Click here for Gomma Records official site. Check the Leeroy Hanghofer "Bathroom Boogie" game/thing.

Colder - Wrong Baby: Nice throwback to Violator era Depeche Mode. Comes off the wrong baby 7-inch on output recordings. Output also hosts Lopazz, Playgroup, Mu, Tall Blonde (I gotta get that cassette... and a cassette deck), Circle Square, dead combo, etc.
Click Here for Output's official site. Check the picture of Paris Hilton Looking at Mu's "Paris Hilton" 12"

Fox n'Wolf - Youth Alcoholic: This song totally kills it. I swear these two swedes are going to be the best band to see live. They have apparently recently finished recording their full length and are looking to put it out later this year. Watch out for it!
Click here for Fox n'Wolf's official site. Download some songs, watch some hot video. Email them.

New Young Pony Club - the Get Go New 7-inch put out by these guys, and it fucking rocks. But who are they? What is tirk? Looks like the sub-label of Nuphonic which looks like some sort of a DJ agency...
Click here for the official new young pony club website.

The Glass - Fourteen Again: Groovy electro indie dance rock.
Click Here for their official site. Interesting backstory on this band.
Click Here to buy this from Juno.

Supersystem - Born into the World: Used to be El Guapo out on Dischord records (Click here to read about Dischord Records vs. Nike) and are now Supersystem on Touch and go Records. I like this song.
Click Here for the official supersystem site.

Manhead - Birth, School, Work, Death: This is an older Manhead track, but his full length album was recently released this past April, and this one happens to be my favorite one. The album seems more like a compilation of dance singles, good dance singles mind you, but not a cohesive album in my opinion. This song is also redone instrumentally as "dancer" which is the b-side of the 12" this is off. But I like this track for the hopeless lyrics by Christian Kreuz.
Click here to buy from Juno.

Cut Copy - Saturdays: Yeah, so this song has been on every one of my mixtapes since last summer. But there is a good reason for that- it's so good! Cut copy are still touring europe and they will be returning home to Australia to support Bloc Party's never ending tour. Here's the dates:
Wed July 13
5 day festival Amsterdam, Holland (with Tiga)

Thurs July 14
Dour Festival, Belgium

Fri July 15
London Fabric

Sat July 16
Bugged Out, UK (DJ set with Tiga)

Wed 20th July
Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne
(Supporting Bloc Party)

Thu 21st July
The Metro, Sydney
(Supporting Bloc Party)

Fri 22nd July
The Metro, Sydney
(Supporting Bloc Party)

Sat 23rd July
Splendour In The Grass Festival
Byron Bay

Click Here for the modular people website, there's lots to do there. Download Cut Copy Mixes, win all kinds of free stuff, read about Chromeo and Turbo Recordings, watch videos by The Presets. Really, check it out. And sign up for their mailing list or you'll be missing out big-time.

VHS or BETA - Night on Fire (cut copy remix): I like the Robert Smith vocal cribbin. It's nice. I also like the way Cut Copy has remixed this track. The heavy electro-funk bassline and the dub style echo on the guitars. This came out as a 12" on Kitsune and also features remixes by Interpol's Carlos D, and Tommy Sunshine.
Click here for the official VHS or BETA page.

Boys of Scandinavia - Worse Than a Girl: Big thanks, again, as usual, to Chris at Uncritical for originally posting this track. And sorry about the whole bassline thing Chris. I was wrong as it turned out. Anyway, This is off a split 7-inch with Roger out on Mate Recordings of Finland. It comes in a nice brown paper sandwich bag.
Click Here to buy this (if there are any left) from piccadilly records.

dSico - I've Danced enough: Yeah, you know how it can be at the end of the party when the liquor's out and you're trying to get laid. Rumor has it this will be out on vinyl soon.
Click Here for the official dSico page.
Click here to buy this CD at a nice cheap price from Juno.

daft Punk - Technologic (Basement Jaxx kontrol mixx) Holy shit have the Basement Jaxx crammed enough racket into this one? I love how ridiculous this remix is, as the original is a little tame.
Click here for daft punk's german site. They had a remix contest going that I'm not sure is up anymore. I have the wav files in case anyone would like to try and remix this track themselves.
Click here to buy off Juno.

dSico - Rescue: Another excellent track by Australia's dSico. Nice use of wobbly synth.

Who Made Who - Happy Girl: This is an older track by these guys, but I think it's my favorite one they have done. The fuzzed out bass is remarkable.
Click Here to buy off Juno.
Click here to visit gomma records.

Dieter Schmidt - Morse Code From the Cold War: Gotta end the mixtape somehow, even if this song feels a little tacked on like an afterthought. Whatever, more good music from Kitsune. This song sounds like it's speeding up when you leave the room. I was letting my record run till the end and I went downstairs for more coffee and I thought my turntable was speeding up on it's own. I almost stopped it and had to redo the whole mix. But what does that have to do with Dieter Schmidt?
Click here to visit Kitsune's dynamic website. You'll need a very powerful computer to navigate it though!
Click here to buy this compilation from Juno.


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long time no fucking see, man. Missed ya. I'll check the mix soon, hopefully, but right now i'm kind of swamped, musically. I enjoyed your last mix thoroughly and am looking forward to this one. It sounds quite interesting....

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hell yeah. liked yr mix a lot. quite refreshing.

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