Thursday, May 05, 2005

For the North Americans:

These songs will be down by Monday.

Pink Grease - Peaches: So there are these two guys named Norman and Tony. On the surface they pretend not to get along, but they live together so this is merely a facade to entertain guests. Every Friday night Tony's twenty-year-old friends come over to their house, get drunk on the couch and ask Tony when they're going, where they're going, and if he's called a cab yet. Norman ends up joining them cause he doesn't really have a choice- he could go upstairs to noodle around with his guitar, read and go to sleep, but hell this is Friday night in the city! There's girls downstairs and god dammit people are partying in his house. Although Norman knows that these kids are completely disorganized and lack leadership he will join them, and against his better judgement get trapped in his own living room on a Friday night. Around 1:00AM Tony will call two cabs to take everyone out and they will ask "where?" The cabs get tired of waiting so they just leave empty. The kids drinking on the couch eventually become the kids sleeping on the floor. I come home from work at 4:00AM, wake them up briefly and go to bed.
The whole night has been wasted because of a lack of direction and Norman is finally over it. From now on at 10:30PM when all the kids on the couch start asking where they're going and when they're leaving Norman will put this song on, rock out for three minutes and just leave straight-up. This is what will happen every Friday night for the rest of the summer.
Click here to buy this 7" from Juno, and you too can take charge of your Friday night.
Click here to visit the official pink grease website. You can watch videos and hear sounds.

The Cribs - You're Gonna Lose Us: After Norman leaves properly, Tony will put this song on with the hope it will inspire the kids on the couch to follow Norman, because although Tony doesn't know it yet, this is his anthem. This song kinda reminds me of old school 2-tone era Specials. Not in the way that it sounds like a ska song, because it doesn't, but in the way it sits next to Friday night, Saturday morning in lyrical quality and content. Both songs are proper self aware abstracts on drinking in England that seem to question the direction of youth, but aren't afraid to be a part of it. Well maybe, I've never been to England, so I apologize if I am out of control here.

This single was produced by Edwyn Collins, formerly of Orange Juice, an awesome early 80's new wave indie pop band outta Scotland. See this post to hear Rip it Up, a classic Orange Juice Track in a mixtape I made back in February.

Click here to buy this 7" off Picadilly Records. The A-side is "Hey Scenesters" and it's also fantastic.
Click here for the official Cribs website.


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