Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This next ones for the graphic designers

Shirokuma - Moonlight In The Afternoon: I don't know what took me (or anyone else for that matter) so long to post this song. Originally released on a 10" back in 2003, this big warm slice of electropop was reissued on a double 10" (weirdest format yet, I think. Still waitin on a split 10" from somebody to take the crown though) earlier this year with remixes by Andy Votel and Max Tundra.
On the back of the record sleeve the song is cleverly spelled out on a pink and white checkerboard. With the japanese woman's alphabet interpolation "A...B...C...D..." spelled out on the Pink squares next to Mark Corrin's corresponding verses on the white squares. You'll notice that for each letter, the verse that follows corresponds alphabetically "A - city Arches in the sun as we hurry past," "E - Eating heat in the pink of a hotel bed," "L- Laserprints on our skin at the waterfall," and this goes on through the whole alphabet. This sleeve is almost as fun to look at as this song is to listen to. Definately one of the most cleverly designed sleeves I have ever seen. Not to mention the quality of the vinyl pressing itself. It sounds really good. In fact, I'm finding that all the vinyl I get on 10" sounds better than anything else. I really should find out where these are all getting pressed. I'd post a picture of this one to illustrate the clever graphic design, but I don't have a digital camera or scanner. I'll try and borrow one later.
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Thanks for this! I love it.

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