Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Your results are back from the lab.

Duchess Says - In Serial: This might be the best song I have posted yet (yeah I know, nevermind that Cribs thing, good song, but I was crazy to say "best song ever"). With In Serial I'm thinking Manga Studios circa 1985 teaming up with Italo-electro-disco pioneer and sountrack genius Giorgio Moroder to produce an Anime feature obsessed with the juxtaposition of contrast and homogenization, and it would have been called Black Moonbird. There'd be tons of crazy dangerous half-machine villians (with forward facing utillity style haircuts) trying to take over Tokyo and make everyone half-machine so they can work for the Evil Boss to create this giant robot that will move the moon into a position where it always eclipses the sun over Japan. The tide is always high and the sun no longer rises. Just this faint halo hovering to blot out the contrast between day and night, good and evil, life and work, man and machine.

Of course or hero, Ryudo Hawkwind (neurological scientist by day, motorcycle vigilante gang leader by night), will not accept this fate. And of course his girlfriend, Kagero (tired journalist by day, underground synth-rock diva by night), get's wrapped up in the boss' plans. Naturally, Ryudo has to save her and the world with his gang on their totally kitted out street bikes, sporting their fashionably futuristic sideways haircuts.

At the climax of the movie, just when the giant Black Moon robot is blasting off into space, Ryudo will expose the fact that he is a man-machine and he will sacrifice himself by boarding the robot to stop the Evil Boss' planned blackening of the sun. and just as the giant robot is pushing the moon into position slowly in front of the sun (Duchess Says' In Serial is expertly chosen to score the scene: Kagero crying safely on earth, the war is fighting fiercly in the streets. We see the sunlight dimming over the trees, faces going dark highlighting the terrified watering whites of their eyes, the melancholic synth solo of In Serial [@ the 2:53 mark] driving the point home), the robot explodes into a giant silent fireball, killing Ryudo while making obvious references to the Phoenix as the moon glides safely over the sun to resume it's natural orbit.

Click Here to visit the official site for Montreal synth rock sensation Duchess Says. Including real information and a healthy fascination with budgies and the flu. If you're crafty you can download two more mp3's from their site.


Blogger Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Brilliant track Tyler, kinda sounds like a punkier snottier Sigue Sigue Sputnik with a twist of Kraftwerk, great stuff, and a really great description from you too.



3:21 PM  
Blogger Dan K said...

Thanks, Tyler. Great track-- the other two tracks on the Duchess Says site are pretty good, too.

5:25 PM  
Blogger fatrobot said...

cool song!
i dig

12:37 PM  

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