Monday, July 12, 2004

Roll out red carpets...

I've finally returned to this blog thing. I wonder if there's anyone still reading this page? Had too much going on lately. Art openings, shitty standing room only parties, metal shows, glen branca, excessive problematic drinking, and my my radio program moved to friday afternoons on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver, which I am happy about because it is the best timeslot I could ever imagine getting. You can also listen on the web at, my program is on from 2-3:30pm, Narduar follows my show, and Avi's "these are the breaks" precedes my show. Alltogether a nice friday afternoon lineup.

So, about the music posting...

"radio 4"- dance to the underground (DFA remix): I think it's fairly safe to say that the original version of this song is completely played out, but this remix by the notorious DFA is so fucking amazing. Definately a hot summer jam. It's virtually unrecognizable as a remix of the Radio 4 song, I think the only lingering sample is of the bass line. From the glitchy electro pulse that starts the track off to the four on the floor house beat, no vocals- this song sounds almost nothing like the guitar heavy dance punk original. And then there's the breakdown in the middle that erupts into a rocksteady frenzy of strings, beats, saxophone, and finally James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, splits DFA label control with Tim Goldsworthy) belting out a falsetto melody. Which is awesome cause I like falsettos, and I haven't heard the saxophone in a context I liked since the late eighties. This is only available on vinyl and features other remixes by Playgroup, and the Faint. This record should be available in most good indie record shops. (zulu in vancouver, other music in new york).

Astralwerks Label Website

Radio 4 official website

And now for something old and rad...

The Payolas- China Boys: Do you remember the payolas? Were you at least 6 years old in 1985, and living in canada? Do you remember the "Eyes of a stranger"? Well the same band responsible for that poopy pop that everyone in canada over the age of 23 knows off by heart was responsible for some really good poppy punk new wave stuff. Like this here track. I found a dollar on the floor the other day, went to red cat records on main street, and traded my dollar for the payolas record "in a place like this." I've been passively looking for this record for about 13 years now and finally I got it for a dollar that I found. And this recording was made off that record I found. I would recommend that you go out and scour the record bins around town to see if you can dig up this record as well.

Tomorrow: the undertones, dead kennedy's bossa nova cover review (the jury is way out on this one and needs help), who knows what else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your site looks cool. How do you put your vinyl onto mp3's?

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived in Buffalo from 1984-1997, so I was able to learn about the Payolas from CFNY (although in 1983 Valley Girl was one of my favorite movies, so I already knew the song).

I even have this on vinyl << Paul Hyde and Bob Rock continued their long-term songwriting partnership and changed their name to Rock 'N' Hyde and released one album on Capitol Records, 'Under The Volcano', in 1987.>> I won it from a radio station in Buffalo...

welcome back,

11:42 AM  

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