Friday, July 30, 2004

Do you think that's a crime?

All right you Europeans, Chromeo is coming to a town near you so we've got to set you up, so you can set 'em up!

Chromeo- You're So Gangsta: So you're chillin in Paris or Antibes or Poland and you got this dope fresh Peugot- you definately need new driving music. Here you go. And, Chromeo is gonna play a show near you sometime soon. And allright, they may or may not play this one at your show, but they will if you harass the hell out of those boys. Seriously, this is the excuse for mad air-punching, crazy bad dance moves, and more air punching. What more could you ask for? Check the show out and rock out!

Chromeo- Mercury Tears: Okay, this is my favorite song of all time. Amd that's saying a lot since I must have heard over 100,000 songs in my life and been to every gig I had the day off to see since I was twelve. And listen you Euros, Chromeo like to have crowd participation during this one. They do it once for real, full drums and all, and then once "acoustic" (and by acoustic I mean flying V guitars and synthesizers only) for you all to sing along with them. I am here to help you get ready for that experience. Here's the main block of lyrics you'll need to know:

"I don't want to be with anybody at all,
I don't want to be seen with anybody at all.
The world is much to big for me to handle alone,
But I don't want no friends I want to stay on my own.

The planet's turning but I can't stand still,
The clock is ticking but I can't stop time,
And all I want is to be by myself,
Do you think that's a crime?"

Okay so you're set, go down to the chromeo show and sing along to Mercury Tears and dance and enjoy yourself. Dave 1 and Pee Thug will love you for it. And don't forget to tell them Tyler from Vancouver and Seattle sent you, they will get a good laugh out of that I'm sure. maybe they'll even buy you a drink.

Here's the Euro Tour dates:

Fri 08/06
Plock (Poland)
Astigmatic Festival

Mon 08/21
Staffs, V Festival (DJ set)

Tue 08/22
Chelmsford, V Festival (DJ set)

Fri 08/27
Leeds, Leeds Festival

Sat 08/28
London, TDK Cross Central (DJ set) AND Turnmills

Sun 08/29
Reading, Reading Festival

And here's the Chromeo related links:

Chromeo official website

Click here for Chromoe's Turbo Records page.

Click Here to visit Chromoe's Vice Records page and listen to the whole album. It's worth it. This album is the best thing this year so far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tyler - yr the best! been hooked on chromeo since i heard "needy girl" and cheers on you for feeding my addiction!

chromeo is just boogie-licious. & the ladies will agree its bootylicious too...

12:40 PM  
Blogger 20jazzfunkgreats said...

I have loved your so gangsta since my first hearing.

After needy girl, i was just all about Chromeo.

Just seen then at Leeds festival, awesome.

They managed to do a cover of Def Leppard's 'Love Bites' and G'nR's 'Patience' while giving a shout out to Rick James...

The lead singer is like a sick mix of Howard Stern and Prince.

Anyone having a wedding, bar mitzvah, christening of funeral I would recomend to book em...

4:10 PM  

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