Thursday, August 19, 2004

Make-Out Sessions

Cosmo Vitelli- Dance With Me: Unlike yesterday's post of Hot Chip's Shining Escalade, this song would feel totally unnessecary inside on a rainy afternoon. In fact it would feel unnessecary most of the time and only under the right circumstances would this track go off well. But let's say you are at a super fun dance party where nobody takes themselves too seriously, and everybody has a penchant for straight up disco, cause that's what this is- straight disco, complete with corny lyrics that only Europeans could think of, this might get your feet moving and your arms pumping. This comes from a split 10" record with The Whitest Boy Alive. And the production is fantastic by the way.

Click Here to buy this record from Juno U.K.

Ratatat- Cherry: Let's pretend your dance party went well and you and your new sweetheart are heading back to your place to make-out. You totally need some make-out music and Barry White just doesn't suit you, Marvin Gaye is too obvious, and, well, none of that classic make-out music will cut it anymore cause you are a new generation and you need your own make-out soundtrack. Don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting you shelve your Tears for Fears records or anything. I just have to agree with Pitchfork and say that this is one of the hottest make-out songs ever.

Click Here to buy the CD from Insound.

Or Click Here for the vinyl from insound.

Click Here for the bands own website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice picks T-bone! Glad to have you back.

1:58 PM  
Blogger el blair said...

you know who 'the whitest boy alive' is right? its an alias of erlend oye

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Cosmo Vitelli song is a limp cover of an old gothy post-punk song by the Lords of the New Church, a band made up of ex-members of some first-wave punks. Which, if you heard the original, would make you scratch your head at the sound they adopted. True, the lyrics are hideous, but the original is sounds a lot more tough than this disco version.


12:01 PM  

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