Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I have returned again from an extended absence around here. I was just way too busy in the past week to do any posts. I had to find a house to rent, which is nearly impossible in vancouver, and make sure the people I care about are enjoying their summer. Growing moustaches and waterskiing takes a lot out of a guy.


Seelenluft- Manila (Zongamin Remix): I'm pretty sure fluxblog posted the Ewan Pearson mix of this track a while ago, but the zongamin version is where it's at. Like the rest of the Zongamin mix canon, it's got a heavy disco-funk bump, and that odd zongamin synthesizer noise. Like a synth-harpsichord or something. I'm no keyboard encyclopedia so I can't tell you if it's a moog or korg or whatever, but that sound shows up in most of zongamin's songs. This is taken from Seelenluft's Manila Mixes twelve inch. This record includes mixes by Manitoba, Ewan Pearson, the original radio version, and this Zongamin remix.

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Hot Chip- Shining Escalade: Taken from the Hot Chip's full length vinyl "Coming On Strong." This track is a nice mellow electro-pop piece that works nice at the end of a night of excess, or for staying inside to do some ironing on a rainy afternoon. This record seems to be reserved in lush, yet minimal lo-fi electro-pop, with lyrics reserved mostly in tongue in cheek sincerity. A bit of an oxymoron no doubt, but I believe that Alexis Taylor is sincere about shiny S.U.V.'s one way or another.

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