Thursday, August 05, 2004

Such are sandwiches, such is death...

Stereo Total- Nationale 7: Black turtlenecks: This is what North America is lacking right now. It's amazing that these Germans can wear them so proudly and with such conviction while singing rudimentary french pop songs. I love it, really I can't get enough of believing that these Germans wear these black turtlenecks while our Canadian radio (cbc radio 2) hints at this possibility through abstract ambient noise and british art synth pop. This is the dream, are you with me ladies?

Stereo Total- C'est la Mort: Honestly, this is it. Really, can you get these cheesy french pop hooks out of your head now? Even if they are coming straight from Berlin? I didn't think so. I've been singing about sandwiches and death and life for the past couple of weeks and I haven't even got around to my own black turtleneck yet. You need this, even if it's four years old.

Stay tuned for an entire album posting and more infos later today.


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