Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New Wave Past and Present

Protex- Don't Ring Me Up: This track is just total fun and it fucking rules. How often do you hear a song that's this fun? Once a month I reckon. Protex were formed in 1978 by vocalist/guitarists David McMaster and Aidan Murtagh bassist Paul Maxwell and drummer Owen Mcfadden. They were immediately picked up by Polydor and released three singles "I can't Cope", "I can only dream" and "A place in your heart." Polygram got fed up with new wave bullshit and dropped Protex in 1981. This track was originally released on the Northern Ireland Label "Good Vibrations" as a 7 inch in 1979 and was re-released on the "Good Vibrations" punk singles compilation on Anagram Records.

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Captain Comatose- Complete Gold: This track is taken from the Captain Comatose record "Going Out," an outstanding full length of electro new wave disco that I wish was two hours longer. This song reminds me of the Depeche Mode track "Useless" for some reason, even though they are not of similar tempo. I think i'm just going to write a poem for this review/preview.

Now, to recite this poem effectively we will need to establish tone. Think black and white art films, you have to assume a heavy european accent, maybe german, and sound very artistic and important with cigarette waving importantly and with a sense of immediacy in your hand:

"It is fashionable
it is not fashionable!
It is Depeche Mode
It is not Depeche Mode!
It is select

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Blogger Spoilt Victorian Child said...

I vaguely remember a band doing a live track on T.V. many years ago, and im sure they were called Protex... (and from Belfast).
did the singer have a mane of blonde hair and a manic jerky action when playing guitar... looked possesed.
if so they were bloody great, and the song had this amazing full on guitar...
If it wasn't then oops!
memory loss thing!
Sounds like the same bloke though.
Good tune


5:06 PM  
Blogger el blair said...

wow - those songs are awesome, i love the protex! and captain comatose (dj snax and khan) is so cool too - do you know their song "$100 A Day" solid electropop - thanks again - (robot) blair

11:15 AM  

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