Thursday, September 09, 2004

Uh, two gin and tonics please

Sex In Dallas- Everybody Deserves to be Fucked (original): The beat is driving relentlessly through any dance floor it gets dropped onto, the synth and guitar noise is incredible and the narrative is fucking brilliant.What more can I say? It's fashionable? Probably. I heard Colette was down with these cats. This 12" also includes a remix by the hacker, french fragz, and the tomcats in tokyo.

Buy it and other records from Kitty Yo.

The Go! Team- Hold Yr Terror Close: And now for something completely different... try this beautiful ragtime type pop song on for size. This comes off their wonderful 12" they put out for The Power Is On single and seems unlike the rest of what I've heard from The Go! Team, (which are thundering marching band driven anthems of punk/dance) and is not available on the full length LP. And for added indie charm it sounds like Thomas Edison recorded it and I recorded it directly off WFMU, but I didn't. This is the real deal people.

Buy it! and I also reccomend the full length Thunder Lightening Strike (incidentally so do a lot of other noteworthy folks) from the Memphis Industries site.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Video Wave!

M.I.A. - Galang: I don't know much about this artist other than M.I.A. are totally awesome and they're on XL Recordings. The beat is rad- full of electro bass squelches and all sorts or random synth noise. The video is something fantastic too. These have to be the best collection outfits any one pop singer has worn in one video ever. It was directed by Ruben Fleischer who has also done videos for Wiley, Ellen Alien, Electric Six and Dizzee Rascal among others.

Click Here to visit the page where the 12" record is sold on XL recordings, although it's not coming out till the 27th of september. Maybe you should bookmark this one.
Click here to order a different M.I.A. 7" called Sunshowers.
Click here to visit Ruben Fleischer's video page for more music videos made by him.

Rozzetta- Fantasy: This video was made by a Swedish girl named Jenny Mortsell as part of her Graphics design masters degree. She cranked out an awesome piece of Italian Disco with the help of producer Karel Post and a hairdresser named Lilli. I know the inclusion of the hairdressor seems unnessecary here, but I just don't believe people can make this kind of music without the right hairdo. Okay. Watch the video, you'll see what I mean.

Click here to visit the home page of Rozzetta.

I am due for a large shipment of records in the mail this week, so hopefully I will once again have music to post.

Shout outs to Stuart at 20jazzfunkgreats who has some great tracks up this week from the likes of Dead Combo (including a live cover of Bowie's Let's Dance done at CBGB's) Martin Rev and Xinlisupreme and a first annual Suicide week. Suicide being the "band" not the "act of."