Monday, February 28, 2005

Re: Valley Style and Soldout

Okay I have put the mp3's for "valley style" and "I don't want to have sex with you" up again. Just for today.

Friday, February 25, 2005

While I'm at it...

T. Ski Valley - Valley Style

Another song I'll post till I wake up later. Valley Style is laid over the Billy Jean beat, T. Ski tells us he does it Valley Style, and what the hell, it's friday. Let's dance, let's funk, in Valley Style.

This is from 1983, from the Valley Style 12" put out by BMC Records, this one was pressed in Belgium.

Click Here to buy this record off Gemm, for like $20-260 dollars.

I'm sellin out. Suker punks.

Soldout - I don't Want to Have Sex With You (spankers rock remix)

Okay, This song's going to be posted for like five minutes. It's too rad to share with everyone. Seriously, it's an example of the modern formula for successful indie electro-rock (kinda like the New Young Pony Club): real drums rocking programmed style patterns, real bass guitar lines, real guitars, shit-hot arpegiated synth accents, and a disaffected female European vocalist claiming Viceland imagery with NO sex. None at all. Unlike the NYPC's "Ice Cream" that's melting in your Vice dream. Oh shit, I don't read Vice, I mean it's not cool to read vice. Seriously, I don't even know who Terry Richardson is. Uhhh, Throbbing Gristle is so rad.

Five minutes.

Click Here to buy the first 12" of the Soldout "I don't want to have Sex with you" single. This track is off the second single, but I think it's all sold out everywhere.

Click Here to visit soldout's label, Dirty Dancing.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Time To Vote for Chromeo Again

hi kids, not like last time when I missed the date when you could have supported Chromeo by voting for them in the Canadian Independant Music Awards. No, this time you can vote for them on another awards list.

Here's the email from them:

Fellow funkateers,
First of all, it's time to vote (Chromeo, or die)

Simply click on the link below...

Go to #9, click on Chromeo, and enter your email
address so they can send you a confirmation number.
Then, plug that number into the requested spot and
badabing, you just got yourself a mitzvah.



Next week, Chromeo will fly the Mothership back to
Europe for a series of tour dates with Bloc Party.
Here's the complete list.

Make sure you get to the BP shows early, and try to
come out to the Chromeo-only gigs as well. See ya.

(For guestlist matters, holler at

MANCHESTER, TRAMP @ The Bierkeller
FRI 03/04  LONDON, FORUM (With BP)
MON 03/07  BRUSSELLS (With BP)

And we're out...

If you live in England don't screw around, go see these guys, it'll be the highlight of your week. There's a couple of chromeo tracks down the page if you want to preview the Chromeo sound.

Crunk vs Grime: Rules Out!

Well I've done it again, I was going to post a heads up that there was going to be a Lady Sovereign secret show, but I am 2 hours and 16 minutes too late for that. I lost track of the days. Anyway, at 8pm today She was scheduled to play at the Phonica Record Shop, at 51 Poland Street, Soho, London W1. It was free. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada so I am lazy and have no concept of world time.

I've been joking around for a while about crunk vs. grime, but seriously, are the crunk guys gonna pack up their D & G luggage and head over to england to battle the grime scene? Only time will tell...

Lady Sovereign - Random (Brucker + Sinden mix)

This is the Brucker + Sinden mix of Random taken off the promo white label, I think I like the original version more, but I don't know if it's out yet. You can download the original version over at fluxblog, but this one seems to have a dirty Crunk beat. What could it all mean?

Click Here to buy this record from the Cantaloupe Group.

Fox n'Wolf!

Fox n'Wolf - Rules Out

What if Rob Halford got together with Terri Nunn of Berlin? What if they Just had Synth Guitars and drum machines and clever wit? They'd still be outclassed by Swedish duo Fox n'Wolf. Youth Alcoholic was my number one pick for best single of 2004, Rules Out is the B side of that single, and it is completely over the top. Fox n'Wolf sent me a poster with this record, and the poster looks like this song sounds, if that makes any sense. I need a digital camera to photograph this poster, because it is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

Fox n'Wolf are also in the middle of recording new songs to put out on a new album, but they want to release it on a foreign label. If you are a foreign label boss you should definately get ahold of these kids.

Click Here to visit the official page of Fox n'Wolf.

Click Here to buy the Youth Alcoholic single.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Futureheads release first single... in 1979!, and The Go! Team to Webcast live Concert today.

XTC - Outside World: Okay, so I was fucking around with that futureheads stuff, but seriously this album kills it.

Click Hereto buy Drums and wires off Gemm.

The Go! Team are set to play a live gig on the internet today at 8:00pm UK time, 3:00pm EST, and 12:00 noon PST. Well it will be broadcast live from some concert they are playing, but...
Click Here to watch the live show. at the appropriate time.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Chromeo up for award, tour with the Bloc Party

Chromeo are up for an award at the canadian Independant Music Awards You should have voted for them because they are pretty much the best nominees up there.

Click Here to see all the nominees, you could have voted yesterday, but I was too out of it to put this post up. Sorry.

Click Here once you've voted to download the latest Chromeo jam featuring Twista and R. Kelly. Are Chromeo the next neptunes?

Click here for the original 12" version of You're so Gangsta complete with full vocals. The saxaphone solo seems way more relevant in this one than the album version. 2002 say what?

Also, chromeo are touring Europe with the Bloc Partythrough March. Here's the dates:

Tue 03/01 Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms

Wed 03/02 Sheffield, Leadmill

Fri 03/04 London, Forum

Sat 03/05 Portsmouth, Pyramid Rooms

Mon 03/07 Brussels, TBD

Tue 03/08 Paris, Boule Noire

Click Here to buy chromeo's Album "She's in Control".

Click Here to visit chromeo's official site.

Stay tuned for tonight when I post the Futureheads first single, recorded in 1979!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Moving Units

"Live from Pompei! It's the Moving Units!" At least that's what it seemed like as they rounded off their set last night at Richards on Richards, here in Vancouver. Their performance caught me completely off guard, I saw them about two months ago here and it was a pretty cut and dry rock show - a solid set of three and a half minute numbers, the kids were dancing, band finishes, drinks beer.

Not so last night. To begin with, their lighting was perfect, just a couple of flourescent tubes on the floor made the band look like they were jamming at the Korova Milk Bar. The songs were longer and although the rythym section kept me moving along, near the end of the show their performance spun into a psychadelic meltdown and they played a fifteen minute version of "Emancipation". Okay, maybe ten minute. Whatever, the Moving Units performance was rad and the "secret machines" were completely out of place headlining this show, let alone being on the same bill.

Moving Units - X and Y: This is how the show should have continued after the psychadelics. Seriously, everyone was so bummed the performance was over. This is an older release I recorded off the bubble gum pink vinyl "12 inches EP".

Click Here to buy the Moving Units latest LP, Dangerous Dreams.

MIA Album delayed for North America!

MIA - 10 Dollar

The album, Arular was supposed to come out here on February 22, but do to sampling issues the album's North American release has been delayed indefinately.

Oh well, till it comes out I will post a single from the album I recorded off an MIA white label last week, and put into a mix I posted the other day, this is the B side, and apparently, according to my roommate this song was featured on CSI this monday. Can anyone confirm that?

I also have a link to an MIA video down the page a bit in a post called Video Wave, it's hot.

Click here to visit MIA's official page.

I went to the Moving Units show last night here in Vancouver, and it seemed like they headlined the show, even though the Secret Machines played last. I will post an interview and review and track later on today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

it's not over...yet

Download the mix

Time - artist, Song title

0:00 - Lola, Wax the Van
3:38 - Orange Juice, Rip it Up
7:17 - ESG, Tiny Sticks
10:17 - Bush Tetras, You Can't Be Funky
12:57 - Rockwell, Somebody's Watching Me
15:26 - Charlie, Spacer Woman
18:17 - Black Devil, Timing, Forget the Timing
20:12 - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Scorpio
24:47 - David Bowie, Queen Bitch
27:51 - WhoMadeWho, satisfaction (note my abuse of the pitch control near the beginning of this one, it's embarassing)
31:22 - New Young Pony Club, Tight Fit
34:56 - Performance, Love Life
37:56 - Bloc party, Banquet
41:02 - Smash TV, Queen of Man
46:07 - Fox & Wolf, Youth Alcoholic (click here for fox & wolf's official site)
49:11 - MIA, White Label, 10 Dollar
52:49 - LCD Soundsystem, Disco Infiltrator
57:12 - New Young Pony Club, Ice Cream

This is just a mockup mix that I threw together without much thought. I had to throw something up on my website though. I am working on a two disc mix that will be really good I think. Hope you enjoy this one, cause it is pretty fun.

Also I have moved on from this website to This is why I had abandoned this page for so long, so I am sorry to the people who read this page and wondered what happened. I was getting a website made by this company, then they took forever to do it so last week I started working on it myself. html/php is a pain in the ass.