Friday, July 30, 2004

Do you think that's a crime?

All right you Europeans, Chromeo is coming to a town near you so we've got to set you up, so you can set 'em up!

Chromeo- You're So Gangsta: So you're chillin in Paris or Antibes or Poland and you got this dope fresh Peugot- you definately need new driving music. Here you go. And, Chromeo is gonna play a show near you sometime soon. And allright, they may or may not play this one at your show, but they will if you harass the hell out of those boys. Seriously, this is the excuse for mad air-punching, crazy bad dance moves, and more air punching. What more could you ask for? Check the show out and rock out!

Chromeo- Mercury Tears: Okay, this is my favorite song of all time. Amd that's saying a lot since I must have heard over 100,000 songs in my life and been to every gig I had the day off to see since I was twelve. And listen you Euros, Chromeo like to have crowd participation during this one. They do it once for real, full drums and all, and then once "acoustic" (and by acoustic I mean flying V guitars and synthesizers only) for you all to sing along with them. I am here to help you get ready for that experience. Here's the main block of lyrics you'll need to know:

"I don't want to be with anybody at all,
I don't want to be seen with anybody at all.
The world is much to big for me to handle alone,
But I don't want no friends I want to stay on my own.

The planet's turning but I can't stand still,
The clock is ticking but I can't stop time,
And all I want is to be by myself,
Do you think that's a crime?"

Okay so you're set, go down to the chromeo show and sing along to Mercury Tears and dance and enjoy yourself. Dave 1 and Pee Thug will love you for it. And don't forget to tell them Tyler from Vancouver and Seattle sent you, they will get a good laugh out of that I'm sure. maybe they'll even buy you a drink.

Here's the Euro Tour dates:

Fri 08/06
Plock (Poland)
Astigmatic Festival

Mon 08/21
Staffs, V Festival (DJ set)

Tue 08/22
Chelmsford, V Festival (DJ set)

Fri 08/27
Leeds, Leeds Festival

Sat 08/28
London, TDK Cross Central (DJ set) AND Turnmills

Sun 08/29
Reading, Reading Festival

And here's the Chromeo related links:

Chromeo official website

Click here for Chromoe's Turbo Records page.

Click Here to visit Chromoe's Vice Records page and listen to the whole album. It's worth it. This album is the best thing this year so far.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wake up early, go to bed late

The Unicorns- Thunder and Lightening: You may remember the Unicorns from their widely received "debut" Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? out on Montreal's Alien8 records, but their actual LP debut was in January of 2003 with Unicorns Are People Too. And the Unicorns aren't from Montreal either. Originally from Campbell River, B.C. (small town on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada) Nick relocated to Montreal to go to film school in 1999. Eventually Alden followed, opting out of the sleepy music scene on Vancouver Island in favour of Montreal's active music community. This track was however recorded at the House of Common in Campbell River between December 24th to 27th of 2001.

The Unicorns- 52 Favorite Things: Now this is Lo-Fi!!! Sears brand guitars, casio sk-1's, "real" drums, yeah! This song is what my birthday should have been like. A nice summer afternoon on the side of some lake on Vancouver Island. Throwing rocks in the water and blaming things on my sister. Ahh, but such is not the case with life in the big city, with all us frienster hipsters with our cool belts and ironic t-shirts, always trying to keep ahead of everyone else. We have no time to relax- to lay on the rocks on the shore, with nothing more to worry about than how much wood will have to be chopped.

The Unicorns' Official Site- Check here for some mysterious band bio, history, lyrics, releases, and such. Both of today's songs were taken off the Unicorns Are People Too album, which is now out of print. Maybe you can write the boys and get them to repress a copy for you though.

Click Here for a fan's site. Lots of good real info.

Click Here if you want to listen to a concert the unicorns recorded in a car wash on main street in Vancouver. This is a good show, and I missed it cause I was making curry when they were playing. Way to go me!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Cut Copy Mix, Part 2

The real scoop.

Cut Copy- Belgian Mix: This is an hour long mix by Dan Whitford of cut copy. Thanks to the annonymous guy who pointed out that the mix is still up. This doesn't mean you shouldn't subscribe to the modularpeople newsletter though. It keeps you informed and you get new music all the time from them.

Click Here for Modular People

Fuck all that punk shit,

Heavy metal rules!!!

Yeah, heavy metal parking lot pretty much rules too.

So, it's my 25th birthday today and I thought I'd divert from the more dance oriented posts I've been doing, in favor of some birthday music.

Motorhead- Motorhead: This is it. If you have a fucking amazing stereo turn it all the way up, way past 11 and fucking rock out. I'm serious. It's the band's name, the song title, and the message. And it's one of my favorite songs of all time, cause this song rocks harder than any song ever.

And while we're at it...some old punk shit

Hanson Brothers- Brad: From Vancouver Island, Victoria, B.C. it's the Hanson Brothers, and this is the brand new single just released 15 years ago. Based on the Nomeansno song Dad this song is the Canadian childhood, for real this time. And I wasted about a half a year when I was thirteen years old harassing this record store in Nanaimo to get this 7 inch in. Finally I got it, and twelve years later I recorded it onto my computer to share with you on my birthday cause it makes me all nostalgic.

And, If you happen to see me around tonight, and you want to make me happy, take over the DJing duties from someone and play these songs.

SNFU- Real men don't watch Quincy (some O.G. Edmonton punk shit circa 1981, off the "it came from inner space compilation" out on the defunct rubber records. does anybody have this track? I only have it on a tape I made off university radio twelve years ago.
LCD Soundsystem- Daft punk is playing at my house
Stooges- I wanna be your Dog
Alan Braxe and Fred Falke- Rubicon
Daft Punk- in general, something by daft punk
The Undertones- Teenage Kicks
XTC- Making Plans for Nigel
Payolas- China Boys
The Jam- In the City
Annie- Heartbeat (number one hit yo)
T-Rex- Hot love
Cut Copy- Going Nowhere (for sure this one at least- I've even posted it here so you have no excuses)
Chromeo- Mercury Tears, and then the rest of she's in control cause my copy melted on the way back from seattle.

and yeah, play a whole bunch more stuff we can all dance to. maybe even some roxy music for your ending song. and you'd better bring the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack so we can rock out to the Axel Foley Theme all night long.


Monday, July 26, 2004

Cut Copy Mix

It seems that the hour long cut copy mix is down from the modularpeople site. It has been replaced by some material from the Avalanches.

Does anybody have 55Mb of server space they can offer up so we can post this mix?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I came along

This week was terrible, well terribly AWESOME, but not for posting on this here blog spot. I followed Chromeo around western North America and danced my ass off. And I had to cover Nardwuar's radio show, and do my own program, and go to work. Anyway, some new fun tracks now.

Seelenluft- You Come Along: Taken from seelenluft's "You Come Along" twelve inch. This record has some very nice mixes on it. The original, which I've posted here is the most bouncy electro of them all, but also features mixes by Joakim, Munk, and M.A.N.D.Y. This record came from Klein records in austria, and I must say that their shipping time and price is the best I've come across from any record label or distributer. It took four days to receive this record, and I bought another twelve inch as well, and together they cost me about $28.00 canadian, with shipping and exchange. Not bad.

Click Here to buy this record (and maybe even others) from Klein records.

Cut Copy- Going Nowhere: I think fluxblog posted another cut copy track a while ago, and Kudos for that. Cut Copy is the fucking best. This track is just straight ultra-catchy power pop, with a little disco thrown in for good measure. If I ever had a video segment this would be the soundtrack. Dan Whitford (aka cut copy) is a genius and if his record, Bright Like Neon Love makes it out of Australia this year it should give the forthcoming LCD Soundsystem full length a run for it's money, provided North Americans deserve as much credit as I give them. Not like the music is the same though- James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem is sarcastic and aims for your indie brain, while Cut Copy is just fun and target's your heart, but I'm sure you'll find the styles complimentary.

Click Here to buy Cut Copy from modular people. Also, if you sign up to their newsletter you can download an hour long DJ mix by Cut Copy. The mix is rad so the site is worth the visit.

AND Click Here for some more Cut Copy info, scroll down for more audio tracks, including Chromeo, Zongamin and !!! remix's of Future (another fantastic song), and some Videos. Yeah-Ya!

Friday, July 16, 2004

"a little behind the times"

Today I host the afternoon show on CiTR in Vancouver from 2-3:30pm. Listen at 101.9fm in Vancouver, or at on the web. The whole afternoon is a party, starting at noon with "these are the breaks" and Narduar the human serviette follows after my show till 6.

Vive La Fete- Schwarzkopf: Long Live The Party! With this modern single from Belgian electro rocking duo Vive La Fete. Schwarzkopf is a short sweet track that rocks, bumps and thumps, but doesn't stick around long enough to outstay it's welcome. Neither will this review. Just go wear your hair all down in your face, turn it up and make out.

This track is available in three formats:

Click here For 12" single, or CD/EP.

Click here to get it on a compilation from a fancy french fashion boutique. Radio Colette vol. 2 (the source of this track. it was an expensive comp with shipping and duty, but worth it with lots of material from chicks on speed, matmos, the bollywood freaks, Hell, midnight mike, etc)

Vive La Fete official site with lots of stunning info.

Lopazz- Wusduwillst: Since Trevor Jackson (Output Recordings boss, mastermind behind Playgroup) recently forced Lopazz to shoot footage for the "I Need Ya" video at knife-point in New York, saying he just needed to "Make it happen," and "I need Ya" is due out on upcomming Colette No. 6 compilation, I figured it'd be good to post a different track. Just try to figure out what Stefan Eichinger is slurring in this piece- even if you're German. Something about living as far as I can tell. Anyway, I like this number, and I'd like to extend my thanks to Chris at Uncritical for mentioning my blog. And I can't remember who originally posted Lopazz' "I need Ya" a while back. I thought it was uncritical, maybe fluxblog, but I am lost. Anyway, thanks to whoever you are for getting me into this Lopazz stuff. I ordered the 12" from output records immediately after reading the original Lopazz blog.

Click Here to purchase the lopazz 12" from output recordings (the very 12" this recording was made from- and limited to 500 pressings)

Lopazz official site. Lots of music and super odd flash video (follow link to "tv-channel for that.)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Indie catch phrases

Emperor X- Extrerminata Beat: Chad Matheny, also known as Emperor X was given a brand new Casio SK-1 for Christmas at the tender age of eight. And like you, I am also surprised the recipient of such technology would go on to lord over a dangerous yet lucrative indie lo-fi scene. Exterminata Beat is the opening track from his album of sample-heavy synth-pop "Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform" (released June 8, 2004, Snowglobe), and it starts things off just right. It's fun, accessible, poppy, Chad's vocals sound like a subdued Isaac Brock, and the instruments sound almost toyish. That's the idea though right, instruments bought on indie cred, hopelessly tuneless, yet ernest vocals and the master recordings made on tascam four-tracks dad found in a pawn shop. Well it works for me anyway.

Buy This Record from insound.

Emperor X the master web page. And a really great web page that proves Florida is composed of provinces.

I Am the World Trade Center- Future Sightings: Athens Georgia, home to the 40 Watt, the Black Lips (banned from the 40 watt), and Of Montreal is also home to I am The World Trade Center. This track was taken from 2004's "The Cover Up" LP, available on both CD, and limited edition white vinyl. Once you can get past the opening bar of synth hits reminiscent of a mid-nineties car commercial trying to emulate "freedom" or "escape" this turns out to be a great song. The chorus sounds just like the Cansecos track "This Small Disaster" (which I would like to post when Shaw fixes my server accounts) the arrangements are tight and the production is good.

Click To Buy from I am The World Trade Center.

In related news... Amy Dykes, the vocalist for I am The Workd Trade Center was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system click here for more info) on april 27 of this year. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is on blood thinner, yet she still goes out to DJ the IATWTC party on Wednesday Nights at the Go bar in Athens. My best friend got cancer last year and spent 120 days in the hospital. The hospital is boring, painful, it smells funny and you usually end up with tubes and needles all day. Not to mention how uncomfortable chemotherapy is. My friend used to say he could taste the chemicals when he was getting the chemotherapy injections. Amy is probably spending most of her week in the hospital and would likely appreciate any sort of diversion from hospital life. So if you would like, you can send correspondence to:

Amy Dykes
PO BOX 829
Athens, GA, USA

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Went to a party

Nouvelle Vague feat. Camille- Too Drunk To Fuck (dead kennedy's cover): I got this Nouvelle Vague cd Friday morning from some fashion boutique in Paris, apparently a month before it is scheduled to be released, and the jury is still out on this track. You see, if I hadn't grown up listening to the Dead Kennedys I would probably find this piece to be very interesting, like some amazing art piece done by an amazingly artsy French girl who I would be all falling in love with. But, such is not the case. I can't decide whether I am angry or sad or just lost on this song. I mean seriously, the Dead Kennedy's weren't meant to be contemporary easy listening. But at the same time, this might help to be an educational song for people who were too young, too old, or too not punk enough to remember the Dead Kennedy's. You see my problem here? The rest of the album sees seven other bossa nova ladies covering XTC, the Clash, Modern English, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, the Cure, etc. The XTC track, making plans for nigel is easily the best track on the album, with it's melody best suited out of them all for the Nouvelle Vague band to transpose into light bossa nova.

Colette- fancy parisian fashion boutique where you can order the nouvelle vague cd, along with lots of other neat stuff. The DFA puts compilation CD's together for these guys also.

Peacefrog- Official label of nouvelle vague.

please commment on this track to help me figure out how I feel about it. seriously.

The Undertones- Teenage Kicks: This track is also covered on the Nouvelle Vague album, but c'mon. I gotta post some original power pop. The Undertones formed in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1975, and in 1977 they wrote and recorded this song. It is one of my favorite tracks right now, and it doesn't seem like I have much of a choice. People repeatedly request this on my radio show, it shows up at my door covered by a french bossa nova group, and it's catchy as all hell. Needless to say I'm not complaining.

The Undertones- Official website.

Tomorrow... what do you want to hear?

Monday, July 12, 2004

Roll out red carpets...

I've finally returned to this blog thing. I wonder if there's anyone still reading this page? Had too much going on lately. Art openings, shitty standing room only parties, metal shows, glen branca, excessive problematic drinking, and my my radio program moved to friday afternoons on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver, which I am happy about because it is the best timeslot I could ever imagine getting. You can also listen on the web at, my program is on from 2-3:30pm, Narduar follows my show, and Avi's "these are the breaks" precedes my show. Alltogether a nice friday afternoon lineup.

So, about the music posting...

"radio 4"- dance to the underground (DFA remix): I think it's fairly safe to say that the original version of this song is completely played out, but this remix by the notorious DFA is so fucking amazing. Definately a hot summer jam. It's virtually unrecognizable as a remix of the Radio 4 song, I think the only lingering sample is of the bass line. From the glitchy electro pulse that starts the track off to the four on the floor house beat, no vocals- this song sounds almost nothing like the guitar heavy dance punk original. And then there's the breakdown in the middle that erupts into a rocksteady frenzy of strings, beats, saxophone, and finally James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, splits DFA label control with Tim Goldsworthy) belting out a falsetto melody. Which is awesome cause I like falsettos, and I haven't heard the saxophone in a context I liked since the late eighties. This is only available on vinyl and features other remixes by Playgroup, and the Faint. This record should be available in most good indie record shops. (zulu in vancouver, other music in new york).

Astralwerks Label Website

Radio 4 official website

And now for something old and rad...

The Payolas- China Boys: Do you remember the payolas? Were you at least 6 years old in 1985, and living in canada? Do you remember the "Eyes of a stranger"? Well the same band responsible for that poopy pop that everyone in canada over the age of 23 knows off by heart was responsible for some really good poppy punk new wave stuff. Like this here track. I found a dollar on the floor the other day, went to red cat records on main street, and traded my dollar for the payolas record "in a place like this." I've been passively looking for this record for about 13 years now and finally I got it for a dollar that I found. And this recording was made off that record I found. I would recommend that you go out and scour the record bins around town to see if you can dig up this record as well.

Tomorrow: the undertones, dead kennedy's bossa nova cover review (the jury is way out on this one and needs help), who knows what else.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

PBR should never have been released here...

So my fucked band bulletsnake played the marine club last night, got a flat of PBR's and instead of practicing, me and tyler (yes, we are both tyler) got drunk and made up a new set of dance music yesterday afternoon, accidentally diverting from our traditional emo-folk-glam-metal roots. Anyway, I had to DJ the night too (as much as I wanted someone else to) and these were the hot shit jams of the night (aside from the obviously awesome 5 hour old bulletsnake dance party songs, and the Alan Braxe and Fred Falke track I posted a couple of days ago):

Chromeo- Needy Girl: Well the fact that I had to work the music didn't stop me from getting onto the dancefloor and dancing like John Belushi. You just can't help yourself with a song like this. Taken from 2004's "She's In Control" it's probably the most immediately accessible track on the record. But if you got an ear for this sort of Cameo/Prince/Rammalzee Vs K.Rob sort of thing than the rest of the album is the hottest thing next to Zinc blockin your sunburn. According to chromeo's own bio: "Crossing the Gaza Strip of Sexxx Jams Chromeo is Pee Thug and Dave 1: best friends since their Montreal adolescence, virtuoso musicians, walking hip hop encyclopedias, and the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture."

Avenue D- 2d2f: Ya, if the bassline isn't enough to kill you, the chorus from these NYC girls that drops in full soulful style "don't get too drunk to fuck, you've got to get it up, don't get too drunk to fuck, you've got to get it in" ought to be enough to straighten the party out.

here are the links for further reading:

Chromeo- link to their site on Vice records. Listen to chromeo while watching awesome rollerskating videos. I think I was there that day in Central Park. I'm a have to confirm that.

Chromeo- Official site

Avenue D- Official sights and sounds and bio stuff.