Monday, August 30, 2004

Drunk Bear

Okay I just came accross a story about a bear stealing beer in washington and drinking so much it passed out.

Click here for the story from CNN. And thanks to Goldkicks for bringing this story to my attention.

My Lack of Posts

Sorry I have not been posting lately, it is very irresponsible of me. there's just too much happening this week. I move tomorrow and then hopefully everything can get back to normal. Just go to uncritical or Fat Planet or Aum Supreme or whatever for your fix. Thanks for stopping by though.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Make-Out Sessions

Cosmo Vitelli- Dance With Me: Unlike yesterday's post of Hot Chip's Shining Escalade, this song would feel totally unnessecary inside on a rainy afternoon. In fact it would feel unnessecary most of the time and only under the right circumstances would this track go off well. But let's say you are at a super fun dance party where nobody takes themselves too seriously, and everybody has a penchant for straight up disco, cause that's what this is- straight disco, complete with corny lyrics that only Europeans could think of, this might get your feet moving and your arms pumping. This comes from a split 10" record with The Whitest Boy Alive. And the production is fantastic by the way.

Click Here to buy this record from Juno U.K.

Ratatat- Cherry: Let's pretend your dance party went well and you and your new sweetheart are heading back to your place to make-out. You totally need some make-out music and Barry White just doesn't suit you, Marvin Gaye is too obvious, and, well, none of that classic make-out music will cut it anymore cause you are a new generation and you need your own make-out soundtrack. Don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting you shelve your Tears for Fears records or anything. I just have to agree with Pitchfork and say that this is one of the hottest make-out songs ever.

Click Here to buy the CD from Insound.

Or Click Here for the vinyl from insound.

Click Here for the bands own website.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I have returned again from an extended absence around here. I was just way too busy in the past week to do any posts. I had to find a house to rent, which is nearly impossible in vancouver, and make sure the people I care about are enjoying their summer. Growing moustaches and waterskiing takes a lot out of a guy.


Seelenluft- Manila (Zongamin Remix): I'm pretty sure fluxblog posted the Ewan Pearson mix of this track a while ago, but the zongamin version is where it's at. Like the rest of the Zongamin mix canon, it's got a heavy disco-funk bump, and that odd zongamin synthesizer noise. Like a synth-harpsichord or something. I'm no keyboard encyclopedia so I can't tell you if it's a moog or korg or whatever, but that sound shows up in most of zongamin's songs. This is taken from Seelenluft's Manila Mixes twelve inch. This record includes mixes by Manitoba, Ewan Pearson, the original radio version, and this Zongamin remix.

Click here to buy from Klein Records

Hot Chip- Shining Escalade: Taken from the Hot Chip's full length vinyl "Coming On Strong." This track is a nice mellow electro-pop piece that works nice at the end of a night of excess, or for staying inside to do some ironing on a rainy afternoon. This record seems to be reserved in lush, yet minimal lo-fi electro-pop, with lyrics reserved mostly in tongue in cheek sincerity. A bit of an oxymoron no doubt, but I believe that Alexis Taylor is sincere about shiny S.U.V.'s one way or another.

Click Here to buy this record from Juno UK.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New Wave Past and Present

Protex- Don't Ring Me Up: This track is just total fun and it fucking rules. How often do you hear a song that's this fun? Once a month I reckon. Protex were formed in 1978 by vocalist/guitarists David McMaster and Aidan Murtagh bassist Paul Maxwell and drummer Owen Mcfadden. They were immediately picked up by Polydor and released three singles "I can't Cope", "I can only dream" and "A place in your heart." Polygram got fed up with new wave bullshit and dropped Protex in 1981. This track was originally released on the Northern Ireland Label "Good Vibrations" as a 7 inch in 1979 and was re-released on the "Good Vibrations" punk singles compilation on Anagram Records.

Click Here to buy this CD from Amazon US.

Captain Comatose- Complete Gold: This track is taken from the Captain Comatose record "Going Out," an outstanding full length of electro new wave disco that I wish was two hours longer. This song reminds me of the Depeche Mode track "Useless" for some reason, even though they are not of similar tempo. I think i'm just going to write a poem for this review/preview.

Now, to recite this poem effectively we will need to establish tone. Think black and white art films, you have to assume a heavy european accent, maybe german, and sound very artistic and important with cigarette waving importantly and with a sense of immediacy in your hand:

"It is fashionable
it is not fashionable!
It is Depeche Mode
It is not Depeche Mode!
It is select

Click Here to buy this record from Forced Exposure

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Stereo Total complete album of "rare" tracks

Okay, I was drunk when I wrote my last post, having just returned from some birthday party thing at el Furniture Warehouse.

Back to the topic.

Mosey on over to Stereo Total's official website to put together an entire album of rare tracks put out by them. Some originated on 7 inches, some from out of print compilations, all are great fun. They even supply you with cover art and cd insert materials. What more do you want?

Click here to go to the downloads page.

Click here to download your cover art. It is in pdf format so you'll need acrobat reader.

And Please Click here to buy Stereo Total albums from Bungalow, they're inexpensive and awesome. Nationale 7 came from the Musique Automatique record, and C'est La Mort is from the Oh Ah record.

Such are sandwiches, such is death...

Stereo Total- Nationale 7: Black turtlenecks: This is what North America is lacking right now. It's amazing that these Germans can wear them so proudly and with such conviction while singing rudimentary french pop songs. I love it, really I can't get enough of believing that these Germans wear these black turtlenecks while our Canadian radio (cbc radio 2) hints at this possibility through abstract ambient noise and british art synth pop. This is the dream, are you with me ladies?

Stereo Total- C'est la Mort: Honestly, this is it. Really, can you get these cheesy french pop hooks out of your head now? Even if they are coming straight from Berlin? I didn't think so. I've been singing about sandwiches and death and life for the past couple of weeks and I haven't even got around to my own black turtleneck yet. You need this, even if it's four years old.

Stay tuned for an entire album posting and more infos later today.