Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Misinformation Station

Fuck Me USA: Infinite Slope- Now I know it's a cliche term, but I don't know what else to call this than one of the best examples of "disco-punk" I've ever heard. With it's super hot disco bass line it's like Saturday night fever vs. Mars, but so much hotter. Although the vocals in this mix are a bit more quiet than they should be this track definitely rocks the party. Unfortunately FMUSA ceased to exist as of December of 2003, right about the time I stumbled across their page on New Music Canada. And despite what that page leads you to believe, FMUSA are not a bunch of suckers with no intestinal fortitude who split because somebody wrote some bullshit rapture comparison on the wall at pat's pub. There were far more practical reasons for the split, like guitarist Jay Watts' move to Montreal to lend his ground level support to the Bloc Quebecois, drummer Brad McKinnon's move to Radio Berlin, vocal assassin Kayla Guthrie is busy, and bassist Dan Colussi, like so many bass players before him was forgotten, and left to pick up the pieces alone...

Fuck Me USA: Tan Thigh- According to FMUSA's guitar shreddin synth stabber Jay Watts, they have recorded a full length of material which is "really well-recorded, 40,000 times better than the mp3s off of our website." Maybe if everyone could all lend their support to this issue, Mr. watts will post the songs, or come up with some brilliant scheme to have the album released, and hopefullly before Soul Jazz sarcastically releases it twenty years from now.

Gold Kicks- Stop by to visit Jay Watts, and read his nice blog, and convince him to release the music.

Radio Berlin- maybe Brad McKinnon's not drumming in this band?

DV8- You can catch Kayla playing records here on wednesdays.

Fuck Me USA official web site.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

You can't stop the dancing!

(this post's mp3's are down. email me if you are interested in these songs and maybe I can email them to you)

Dear Mr and Mrs DJ

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke- Rubicon So you're having this totally awesome party, only it's not totally awesome cause nobodies dancing. Everybodies there though- the white belt kids, the broke artists, the b-movie actors, the skateboarding industry, the party kids, the valley girls, the thirty somethings, "photographers", the sexy hairdressers--and the whole thing is fucked because somebody was playing downtempo, or sexy house or something that nobody wants to dance to. This track by France's Alan Braxe & Fred Falke ought to sort everything out. Everybody will be dancing, especially when the shit-hot guitar solo blows up glam rock and disco all at once. Originally released as a single on Virgin/Vulture in March 2004 (that can't be right) I recorded this from Erland Oye's DJ kicks record, although it is also available on CD, the record comes with the songs not mixed together. Both CD and Vinyl versions should be available in your local indie music variety store. (zulu records in vancouver has some copies)

Man With Guitar by Man With Guitar Okay now that the party is in "totally awesome!" mode you can drop this track. It is amazing in the "I refuse to take myself seriously" kind of way. One giant build, the beat drops momentarily, checks itself out, confirms that it is "so hot right now" and then moves along. I got this record in the mail this morning from Forced Exposure. Little (or nothing in my case) is known about this man with guitar, except that it comes from the french Kitsune Midnight Compilation.

Tomorrow: More posts.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Who Rocks The Party!

Les Savy Fav- Who Rocks The Party- Because my original post of this track didn't work out, and yeah- this is the best get your weekend started song ever. Well maybe only superceded by Trooper's "The Boys In the Bright White Sports Car," But we won't go there today. And it's Tony's birthday tomorrow. Go to his barbeque and set em up, cause daft punk is playing at his house.

Young and Sexy

This post's mp3's are down. email me if you're interested.

Their faces won't grace the cover of Elle, but it's the the words in their songs that are-- sexy as hell, oh come on.

Vancouver's Young and Sexy played a show at richards on richards two nights ago and I was late and I missed them. I suck. I hear they were fantastic and I think everyone should like them. so I will post two of their songs here today.

"Young and Sexy- Ella" This was the first song I heard by them, it is a brutally catchy, lush and mellow acoustic piece that immediately fell into rotation on my radio program.

"Young and Sexy- Young & Sexy" Brilliantly composed minimal orchestral indie pop. This song gets stuck in my head on wednesday evenings when I play soccer. I don't know why, but I don't mind either.

These recordings were taken from their "Life Through One Speaker" album, I recorded them from the vinyl onto my computer. You can even hear the tone arm lifting from the record at the end of "young and sexy." The sound quality here is a bit dodgy, but the original recording is great.

have a nice day!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Robot Down!

Mahjongg- Jamdek, you'll like it. It's got bleeps and beats and guitars and inaudible vocals and is danceable as hell and has fun written all over it. And although I wasn't going to post any more mahjongg stuff for a while, I was in a jam today so this seemed like the best idea. And they are so hot right now anyway, you'll thank me for it later I'm sure

In fact, since the old mahjongg link doesn't work I'll post it again where it will work "Mahjongg- Aluminum" And this song effing rules by the way. Classic punk style drums, minimalistic guitar assault, early 80's style electro breakdown in the middle, and hovering Julian Casablanca (strokes) style vocals. Just try to sit still while these chicago kids welcome you to "Chi-biza."

Both of these tracks were taken from their 2004 Machinegong release, available on both vinyl and CD in Vancouver From Redcat Records on Main Street, or Scratch Records on Richards. Or you can go to the label's website at: "Cold Crush Records" to find out where else in the world you can get the stuff.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Party Music

Okay, the links work, but the download time is slow. It's worth it though, especially for the Chromeo track.

You know what the 80's weren't? Electroclash. Just thought I'd put that out there.

Now ESG were this group of four enterprising sisters from the bronx who started a post punk/funk band with a knack for amazing bass lines, pop hooks, perfectly executed drums and autistic lyrics. The bulk of their output was released from 1980-1983, and is best represented by the compilation "a south bronx story" out on soul jazz records, or if you can find an original "come away with ESG" released on the now defunkt "99 records" (sunk by a lawsuit brought about by 99 records artist "liquid liquid" against grandmaster flash) This track, "party music" by ESG, was recorded in 1988, rather late in the game (although they recorded another full length in 2002), and is currently out on a split 12" (more GDM vol. 5) with freddie mas on tigersushi records. I may post freddie's track later on if anybody wants it.

Also, chromeo, a group from montreal released an album earlier this year called "she'z in control" (out on tiga's "turbo records" in canada, and on Vice records in the states) and it is one of the best things I've heard all year. Here is the title track She'z In Control. If anything, of all the retro 80's theme mining bands have done in recent years, this hits the honest nail on the head. And it's a fun song to boot.