Sunday, July 25, 2004

I came along

This week was terrible, well terribly AWESOME, but not for posting on this here blog spot. I followed Chromeo around western North America and danced my ass off. And I had to cover Nardwuar's radio show, and do my own program, and go to work. Anyway, some new fun tracks now.

Seelenluft- You Come Along: Taken from seelenluft's "You Come Along" twelve inch. This record has some very nice mixes on it. The original, which I've posted here is the most bouncy electro of them all, but also features mixes by Joakim, Munk, and M.A.N.D.Y. This record came from Klein records in austria, and I must say that their shipping time and price is the best I've come across from any record label or distributer. It took four days to receive this record, and I bought another twelve inch as well, and together they cost me about $28.00 canadian, with shipping and exchange. Not bad.

Click Here to buy this record (and maybe even others) from Klein records.

Cut Copy- Going Nowhere: I think fluxblog posted another cut copy track a while ago, and Kudos for that. Cut Copy is the fucking best. This track is just straight ultra-catchy power pop, with a little disco thrown in for good measure. If I ever had a video segment this would be the soundtrack. Dan Whitford (aka cut copy) is a genius and if his record, Bright Like Neon Love makes it out of Australia this year it should give the forthcoming LCD Soundsystem full length a run for it's money, provided North Americans deserve as much credit as I give them. Not like the music is the same though- James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem is sarcastic and aims for your indie brain, while Cut Copy is just fun and target's your heart, but I'm sure you'll find the styles complimentary.

Click Here to buy Cut Copy from modular people. Also, if you sign up to their newsletter you can download an hour long DJ mix by Cut Copy. The mix is rad so the site is worth the visit.

AND Click Here for some more Cut Copy info, scroll down for more audio tracks, including Chromeo, Zongamin and !!! remix's of Future (another fantastic song), and some Videos. Yeah-Ya!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I signed up for the subscription, but the link to the Cut Copy mix seems to have disappeared- any idea how I can still rock it?


12:32 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Aw, hell! I was at the Seattle Chromeo show and fucking loved every minute. I hadn't had that much fun or been so entertained by a band in a long time. I knew the songs going in, so I'm sure that made it even more enjoyable.

And then the aftershow dance party???? UGH! I've been waiting for that music to be played for about 15 years! David even gave me a little shout out and played "Vogue" after he saw me dancing. I had to buy him a beer.

Oh, silly faggot.

4:53 PM  

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