Friday, July 16, 2004

"a little behind the times"

Today I host the afternoon show on CiTR in Vancouver from 2-3:30pm. Listen at 101.9fm in Vancouver, or at on the web. The whole afternoon is a party, starting at noon with "these are the breaks" and Narduar the human serviette follows after my show till 6.

Vive La Fete- Schwarzkopf: Long Live The Party! With this modern single from Belgian electro rocking duo Vive La Fete. Schwarzkopf is a short sweet track that rocks, bumps and thumps, but doesn't stick around long enough to outstay it's welcome. Neither will this review. Just go wear your hair all down in your face, turn it up and make out.

This track is available in three formats:

Click here For 12" single, or CD/EP.

Click here to get it on a compilation from a fancy french fashion boutique. Radio Colette vol. 2 (the source of this track. it was an expensive comp with shipping and duty, but worth it with lots of material from chicks on speed, matmos, the bollywood freaks, Hell, midnight mike, etc)

Vive La Fete official site with lots of stunning info.

Lopazz- Wusduwillst: Since Trevor Jackson (Output Recordings boss, mastermind behind Playgroup) recently forced Lopazz to shoot footage for the "I Need Ya" video at knife-point in New York, saying he just needed to "Make it happen," and "I need Ya" is due out on upcomming Colette No. 6 compilation, I figured it'd be good to post a different track. Just try to figure out what Stefan Eichinger is slurring in this piece- even if you're German. Something about living as far as I can tell. Anyway, I like this number, and I'd like to extend my thanks to Chris at Uncritical for mentioning my blog. And I can't remember who originally posted Lopazz' "I need Ya" a while back. I thought it was uncritical, maybe fluxblog, but I am lost. Anyway, thanks to whoever you are for getting me into this Lopazz stuff. I ordered the 12" from output records immediately after reading the original Lopazz blog.

Click Here to purchase the lopazz 12" from output recordings (the very 12" this recording was made from- and limited to 500 pressings)

Lopazz official site. Lots of music and super odd flash video (follow link to "tv-channel for that.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly recommend this nugget:

Vive La Fête! - Nuit Blanche

Label: Surprise Records
Catalog#: Surprise 013
Format: CD5"
Country: Belgium
Released: 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro

Cheer from Vic, BC

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was wondering when I'd run into a vanblog... your show rocks like a hurricane!


6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am so loving the lopazz! thnx tyler! i d'ld a whack of other stuff off their audio website too...

su |

10:32 PM  

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