Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wake up early, go to bed late

The Unicorns- Thunder and Lightening: You may remember the Unicorns from their widely received "debut" Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? out on Montreal's Alien8 records, but their actual LP debut was in January of 2003 with Unicorns Are People Too. And the Unicorns aren't from Montreal either. Originally from Campbell River, B.C. (small town on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada) Nick relocated to Montreal to go to film school in 1999. Eventually Alden followed, opting out of the sleepy music scene on Vancouver Island in favour of Montreal's active music community. This track was however recorded at the House of Common in Campbell River between December 24th to 27th of 2001.

The Unicorns- 52 Favorite Things: Now this is Lo-Fi!!! Sears brand guitars, casio sk-1's, "real" drums, yeah! This song is what my birthday should have been like. A nice summer afternoon on the side of some lake on Vancouver Island. Throwing rocks in the water and blaming things on my sister. Ahh, but such is not the case with life in the big city, with all us frienster hipsters with our cool belts and ironic t-shirts, always trying to keep ahead of everyone else. We have no time to relax- to lay on the rocks on the shore, with nothing more to worry about than how much wood will have to be chopped.

The Unicorns' Official Site- Check here for some mysterious band bio, history, lyrics, releases, and such. Both of today's songs were taken off the Unicorns Are People Too album, which is now out of print. Maybe you can write the boys and get them to repress a copy for you though.

Click Here for a fan's site. Lots of good real info.

Click Here if you want to listen to a concert the unicorns recorded in a car wash on main street in Vancouver. This is a good show, and I missed it cause I was making curry when they were playing. Way to go me!


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the new unicorns jellybones video is up on their label's site:

it's been getting "mixed" reviews - go give it yours.

cute points for the ladies.

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